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Lag Problem

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Good day guys,


i'm playing on PS4, primarly online divisions. I got problems with connection: 20 % percent of all games with good connec, without any lag. But 80 % of all games the Connection is bad with the meaning of heavy delay while switching players, shooting etc.

I Have 50 MBIT DSL, Lan cable (no WLAN) and sitting in Germany, i assume my connection is not the problem? Do you know the reasons for that? PES 2019 would be f**king awesome with proper connection.

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8 minutes ago, popai said:


Probably down to your opponents connection. Have you opened the ports on your router/added your PS4 to a DMZ?

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So many variables in connection @popai mate. 


Speeds are a big thing, and latency is even more important, also how steady and consistent your speeds are. 


How many people use your internet is massive aswell, if you have yourself gaming then 2 other people in that house streaming/downloading/uploading/gaming etc, the connection is going to be poor. 

Also some ISPs can be notoriously bad for gaming, some having a higher contention ratio (how many people share the local lines) 

Then there’s your opponents themselves who can be s**t connection, or Konamis servers at that time - there’s so many variables with connection that it’s hard to determine what the problem is. 


All you can do is make sure you do your side the best it can be, wired like you are, port forward, try game when no one else is online in the house, turn downloads/torrents/streams off etc 

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