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Can you help me help my friend haha

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He is a fifa vet but after playing pes at my house decided to get the game. He is enjoying offline but not online. We concluded that offline game is different as CPU does not hound contain and double team so he can play his old fifa style game of passing the ball about and being patient. This doesnt work so well online, I concluded that due to defense sytem in pes the way to be succesful is quick passes, one twos etc...Though we discussed this he is ready to bin the game well moreso online modes.  Any tips for a player coming from fifa.


He feels that everytime he gets ball online he is literally hounded by defenders, he keeps missing out 50-50 balls, cant score from crosses but i told him i think thats just way it is this year, cant win headers from goal kicks, cant dribble easy like in fifa, but that is also just a fact way it is really, he says passes always never go where he wants either and he finds defending hard LMAO, so he sucks at everything apart from offline which he really enjoys.


As im writing this i feel like its one of those the friend is really me stories but its not haha, i can challenge anyone here to prove im decent player :)


Just looking for some useful tips i can give my friend.


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I think going through the training skills mode will help him out since hes new to the game. Thats something i would definitely recommend.

With the passing i guess thats just something he needs to adjust to after playing fifa for so long, the more hep plays the more he will get used to the passing system on PES.

With dribbling i would suggest practicing with the close control R2 dribbling, then accelerate past the defender with R1, thats the best way to dribble imo, especially if you have a bit of space behind the defender. If close control dribbling doesnt suit your friend, then just regular left stick dribbling to slow the game down.
When in a tight space dont be heavy handed with the left stick, little subtle nudges (when not holding r1 or r2) can move the ball away from the defender, without over running the ball, or making a sharp turn into a covering defender. Also learn a few tricks, if he learns say 5 tricks, that will help him out in certain situations.

For defending he should just keep his shape and wait for the opponent to make a mistake, if he starts rushing all over he will be picked off, unless he can think two steps ahead of the opponent and intercept the pass.
When face to face with the attacker just hold X (PS4), if chasing him hold R1+X as well as holding the left stick towards the opponent, a lot of the time you can win the ball by just running along side the attacker. If someone is spamming him with through balls then maybe hold square for the AI to pressure the ball while you manually track the run.

If people are spamming double pressure then you should always have a free man to pass it to. This is were the formation/tactics can be very important, the right formation can greatly improve things for your mate.

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My mate 😂


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