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Fixture 21: Govie v Spragga - [Confirmed]

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Result: Sassuolo  0  v  3  AC Milan


Home Team

Manager: @Govie
Franchise: sassuolo

Players Info

  • Scorers
  • Assists: 
  • Clean Sheet
  • MoTM (if applicable)


Away Team

Manager: spragga
Franchise: AC Milan

Player Info

  • Scorers: Demba Ba 2, Yaya Toure
  • Assists: Giaccherini, Cerrutti
  • Clean Sheet: Fabianski
  • MoTM (if applicable): Demba Ba


Match Report


FSL is in the fixture 4 thread, is a double header thread.


Sassuolo were attacked by the ageing warriors, first Yaya Toure and then Demba gave the visitors a 2-0 lead at half time, a combined age of 68 i believe haha, they rolled back the years in this one, Demba should of had a few more tbf, some class saves and missed chances for a hat trick on his debut.

gg mate, you deffo learnt from this game going in to the 2nd, Demba was nowhere near allowed the time and space in the 2nd game, so fair play there bud, all the best with the season again fella, top man

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Stats agreed 

Well beaten in this one with Demba having a point to prove on his debut. I think it hit home about the quality of my rag tag bunch of Aberdeen and default squad players when you said Yaya wouldn't get into your strongest XI :lol:

My formation was better in the second game so hopefully I can carry that on. Doubt I'll be the last person this season to be run ragged by Demba and Yaya. 

All the best for the rest of the season and fingers crossed Yaya doesn't end up Pansexualing my Aberdeen players in real life either. 

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Result & Stats Added :pen: 

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