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Fixture 21: Sami v Flashmore - [Confirmed]

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Result: 0-0


Home Team

Manager: Sami
Franchise: Chambly

Players Info

  • Scorers
  • Assists: 
  • Clean Sheet: Vukovic
  • MoTM (if applicable): Cardenas


Away Team

Manager: @flashmore
Franchise: Chelsea

Player Info

  • Scorers
  • Assists: 
  • Clean Sheet: Jardim
  • MoTM (if applicable)


Match Report

Think Flash will agree that there really isnt that much to write about other than I've taken 2 pts off someone near the top where the other sweaty fuks near the top will have cocks in hand at the thought of winning a virtual cup that will be forgotten about by everybody twenty minutes after whoever the f**k wins it 

Wp pal , your one of a rare breed that actually try to play football and not Pes 

Good luck with the rest  :)


Fsl deleted

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