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Season 14 AWOL Squad Featured

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Pro Evo Network season 14 has started with a bang; teams handed out to the unlearned noobs, transfer window open, league games underway and AWOLs dealt with.    Managers had a chance to recommend an equal player to replace their AWOL if they happened to be out of the game due to the great Konami second league f**k up of 2019,…
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Flamengo - Taking a Gamble Featured

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Flamengo begin Season 14 with a relatively inexperienced manager at the helm, Ninjabean87. Last time Ninja was seen managing, he had a very unsuccessful spell in charge of Velez in the Xbox Premiership during Season 12. Many fans thought this was the end of Ninja, but after taking a season out to sort out his off the pitch problems, Flamengo have…
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Fresh Meat in the PS4 Prem Featured

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Today we sit down with 5 of the 6 new managers entering the PS4 Premiership for Season 14. Three of them promoted through the PEN league structure, while two of them got a vacant spot because of their Premiership title(s) in the past. ParrishJ, JamboGee and Don_Hate came up from the Divisions 1 on the PS4 side. Worrisome Owl came over…
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The Schlags, The Frillypinks and the Cum Faces Featured

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Across several threads on Friday morning, a large number of seminal PEN stewards started posting a variety of cryptic images - greasy emojis, shark fin gifs and pictures of sexual toys and implements, all being accompanied by a palatable sense of excitement.
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My First Transfer Weekend Featured

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After playing lots of ratio games with a team assembled rag tag bunch of players to make a 3.5* team and playing against some very good players, I was finally given his squad yesterday and only gave them their first try out last night. After initially analysing the squad i had the usual panic of any new manager when given a bunch of…
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Goal of the Month - August Featured

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We return for another month of spectacular goals. With August just gone, it was time to settle which goal submitted would be the months champion. And our Winner was..... DJQuantum with a precise shot which flew directly into the top right corner of the goal, thanks to Rogic putting his laces through it from outside the box. I put on…
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Goal of The Month

We return for another month of spectacular goals. With August just gone, it was time to settle which goal submitted...

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