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I grew up on a small island in an even smaller town, where in that period of time (80's) best friend of your average kid was a ball. Any kind of a, basketball, tennis ball or even a table tennis (called ping-pong in Croatia) ball.....but for puropse of this articel we will concentrate on football.   This would be…
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A Day In The Life - Part II Featured

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7:00-ish PM „Love,  I'm home......“ ....SILENCE...... „Honey, I'm here....where are you???“ „......šššššš, pst........lower your fucking tone, I've barelly put him to sleep, if you wake him up ill stab you in the eye.....“   Fecking hell, she's on the end of her wits'. Better not make a wrong move here.......don't mention PEN or playstation ; don't mention PEN or playstation…
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Football: Indian perspective Featured

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The Indian take – How to breathe Football in a Cricket crazy nation.   Around 5 years ago, when football fans lived on Facebook groups (Or maybe they didn’t. But I had to, read below to know why), I saw a comment war on a Manchester United fan page, that left me questioning a lot of thing. In this one…
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Can you hear the lions roar?

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Did anyone notice that Holland only lost 2 games in their last 10 match ups? And that their last 4 opponents, including Germany, Belgium and even WC holder France could not defeat them?
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PES Pop Quiz

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Do you consider yourself a true PES fan, did you take an oath when you bought your first PES game? If so, this is the moment to put your loyalty to the test. I have assembled some random pop quiz questions about PES, which can ONLY be correctly answered if you got true PES blood running down your veins.
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An Interview With... CMYKhazi

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The final interview for the year comes from the Manual Leagues with CMYKhazi. A pleasure to do this one     Q: How’s the season shaping up for you so far? It’s getting better – couldn’t get much worse! I’d like to think I’m now starting to put in some reasonable performances and sometimes even snatching the occasional point!    Q: Does…
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