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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 14:20

The PEN Commandments

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Here on ProEvoNetwork we pride ourselfs on our ethics about fairplay and a great community spirit. To put these values into stone we have reveived the following P(T)EN Commandments from our own Lord DavoteK.
  1. Thou shalt not spam through balls, high through balls, crosses, cut backs, pressuring, off the ball runs, rainbow flicks, slide tackles, one-two's, one touch ping-pong passes, and rebounds.
  2. Thou shalt recieve 30 invites a day from NicShoneeboy
  3. Thou shalt spend all thy spare time on PEN clicking New Content
  4. Thou shalt put PEN before pussy
  5. Thou shalt keep thy FSL's up to date
  6. Thou shalt treat Transfermarkt as thy PEN bible
  7. Thou shalt check PEN before anything else every morning
  8. Thou shalt accidently call someone a pookeynoodle in real life.
  9. Thou shalt hate wage day
  10. Thou shalt trust.. NO ONE
By ParrishJ.
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