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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 15:49

Larcos on Suicide Watch

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Sunday night was a night of great success and wonderment. It enthralled people the world over. Yes, my moustache was trimmed. A full 2mm was taken off. In other news, there was some radio show on here. PEN Radio or something. Who the hell wants to listen to a radio show about stationary. Well, only the entire bloody site. Ridiculous. 

Anyway, on this radio show, the megalomaniac himself, DavoteK, unveiled the wages for Season 6 to much amusement from some. Shock from others. Others including our Mexican compadre, Roberto Larcos. Upon seeing his £200m+ wage bill, the despair set in. I have it on good authority that he is on 24hr watch, with all sharp items swapped our for plastic sporks.

Constant ramblings about wages and how he'll never be able to pay them and won't be able to afford to run his team or compete in the league or other such negatives. 

Well, I have this to say to you Mr Larcos. Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't? 

Wise words, from a wise man.

This is Chip Wagner, signing off with a fantastic moustache. 

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