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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 21:16

First Signing for SL Benfica

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In a surprise press conference in Lisbon this morning, the President of the Club, along with the general manager of the team, Roberto Larcos, presented the first signing for this season. The Club of the Tejo river experienced a moment of what can only be referred to as Arsene Wenger syndrome. The fans were out in force calling for Roberto Larcos' head after discovering the clubs financial woes with the public announcement of player wages yesterday. The fans blame Senor Larcos for building a team to dominate the league & in doing so putting his name in the annals of PEN... they view his actions as selfish & short sighted. 

The whole night was spent in the club offices, intense work of the highest level for the club officials. At 2:30am (CET) Senor Larcos stepped out of the board room & greeted the baying fans. His aim was to calm the tensions, his opening line "We've made a break through... we've got our man" this was met with rapturous applause... then Roberto spoke again  "he isnt a player... we are proud to announce the signing of Mr. Dortaboy, as an financial & sport advisor!". Roberto Larcos continued "When we discovered Dortaboy decided he wasn't going to train this season, my mind was clear... we need his experience here collaborating with us in the area of training, share impressions in the intense restructuring that this club will suffer through, and advice in signing players ".

Dortaboy then stepped out of the office & briefly addressed the crowd "When Larcos told me about this possibility, I hesitated for a moment ... but when he spoke to me about Lisbon nightlife, Sagres beers and beautiful portuguese & brazilian women ... I'm not made of stone !! ((LAUGHS)" The crowd remained silent. Dorta continued "There will be some months of work before I return to the football pitches & I plan to spend this time brining this once great club back to it's feet". The crowd remain subdued apart from the odd few cheers. This week, the work of both managers begins, restructuring the current squad with multiple changes on the horizon, to adjust costs and wages.

LIVE UPDATE: PEN TV find RL & Dortaboy in a portuguese restaurant. PEN TV asked the waiter´s staff if they had heard something about new signings, and a waiter showed us the next photo, which fell from Dortaboy´s folder.  Ronaldinho?¿? Stay tunned !!! 

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