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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 08:16

New Managers to Shake Things Up!

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A number of rich new owners have joined all divisions of PEN this season, vowing to impose themselves on their relative leagues. Some are known to both old and new members of PEN and have some fresh ideas to bring to the PEN community.
New Sunderland manager Chucka has taken time out from his hectic ballerina career to invest his efforts into a more noble, worthwhile pursuit; smashing the PEN PS4 Premier Division in his first season. With a middling starting budget of £65m still being larger than the majority of existing managers, Chucka has vowed to use his pirouetting skills to dance around the tactics of more conventional managers and players. Chucka said ‘People may think of Ballet of being for girls, but let me tell you once I pull on that tutu I hold no prisoners. Other PEN members should expect me to play fair and for fun but to expect a good game once I get a striker who actually has legs’.
Dark horse new oligarch Macadonna has also vowed to make his mark in the PS4 Div 1. Since receiving his hefty new transfer budget he has made a number of discreet enquiries into the market, and is intent on ensuring that he doesn’t repeat the mistakes of previous newbies to the league and pay over the odds for players. He says ‘I am not looking to repeat the mistakes of my near namesake and spend my money like I have had my head in a bag of powder for the last 20 years. I am looking to add a couple of quality players to my squad, but not looking to spend all my budget. Although players are using last season and the decently sized budgets of the new players this year as a guideline for prices, I believe the new wage system will have a big impact on the value of players once the initial frenzy has subsided. Other new managers can blow all their money, I’ll be either making a couple of key acquisitions or I’ll be holding onto my money for the auctions!’
All in all, the new wage structure and well sized transfer budgets for the new boys on the scene should mean an interesting and eventful set of negotiations in this transfer window!
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