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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 10:15

Unrest at Inter Milan

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Rumors are circulating that Inter manager Spragga is making plans to change the team up from the one that finished comfortably in the PS3 Prem last season. The news we have received will be difficult to stomach for the Inter Ultras if indeed they are true.

Now, rumors are rumors and we have tried on several occasions to speak to Spragga himself to ease the fans fears, but until today we were met with silence from Spragga and his advisers, The Inter fans may have turned up the heat on Spragga when there was angry scenes outside the rented apartment block the manager from England resides in.

The Milan police force were called as the growing unrest continued late in the evening, amid fears there could potentially be trouble. Policeman "Marco Silvestri" gave us his views on the unrest. "It got angry out there, very angry, the fans were all on twitter and other network sites and of course word of mouth was spreading. By 10pm there was a gang of diehards some 1000 strong and trouble seemed inevitable." Silvestri said..

We also got a chance to talk to a few Ultras who were only too happy to reveal what speculation they were hearing. Antonio Baggio was more than forthcoming with his views, "This putta!! Matuidi, Fernandinho, Kaboul, Verratti! He is selling the lot. Why? Why? They are the backbone of the squad, the players the fans love the most and, if we hear correct, he is allowing them to go for old age pensioners and journeymen looking for a last payday. What the hell is going on?" he quipped..

So as the night faded in to day we got a call from Spragga advisers telling us Spragga was going to talk to us and us only and will try to appease the fans fears and explain what may very well be the culling of a great team.

In a hastily arranged meeting in a McDonalds we finally got to talk to the most hated man in Milan right now and what he told us is going to rock the core of the Internazional fans...

Della Sport: Finally Spragga, you will have your chance to express your intentions and any reasoning behind your rumoured actions?

Spragga: Yes. I feel like I have to come out and explain myself, and after last night, as quick as possible.

Della Sport: What exactly is going on behind the scenes?

Spragga: More than you or anyone else knows, the club is in massive debt, the 6th highest wages throughout the leagues, and we have 5 million to our name right now. The Pen leagues have been hit hard by Davo and the other administrators, making what plans we had last season redundant now, so yes, I'm willing to admit, the stars have to go! I am scouting and looking to bring in experienced players to help with the existing youngster in the team such as Umtiti, Mendy and Haidara.

Della Sport: Matuidi? He has not even kicked a ball in anger for the team yet and he is going?

Spragga: Dont blame me there. We tried to negotiate his wages down to help with the clubs finances but all we was met with was a brick wall. He feels he is the best player in the squad and wanted 12 million in wages, thats over 5 million more than anyone else, how long would it be before other player wanted a parity in wages with the top earner? Verratti was also moaning to me, and wanted a wage increase, he is 21 years old, I wasn't prepared to let that happen. So there are negotiations that have took place and it looks likely that we have got a top top brazillian striker for him, one I'm happy with..

Della Sport: So when the fans hear about this, what will you expect them to think?

Spragga: I dont care, our hands are tied over all this. I do feel for them losing such players as Matuidi and Verratti but stabilty is needed in Inter for now. I need to rebuild this squad and if Inter fans would rather I leave in the next brand window I will do so I have nonworries about the players I'm proposing to bring in. Many are very experienced.

Della Sport: Ok thank you Spragga. We're not sure if you have answed all our questions good enough for the fans to relax but good luck with whatever it is you are doing..

Spragga: Thanks. Now I'm out of here...goodbye.

So there it is a brief chat with the manager but we can sense this will not cut it with the fans. There will be more troubles ahead and we will be there with the news as it happens.


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