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My PEN life

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Today we get the lowdown on manager spragga's time here on pen, the history of his ps3 days, and the move over to the xbox leagues. Getting inside the mind of PENS most active manager in the transfer market.

Q: How are you Spragga? Tell us some more about your thoughts and memories of your time on the ps3.

A: Well thanks for the chance to speak openly and candidly about being on PEN for what, 5 official seasons and 3 manual league seasons. I'm pretty sure right now its only me, Big Boss and Phillyrich who have participated in every season possible here on PEN. All 3 of us were around over on the sister site FLM in both the main and manual leagues.

Q: Where did you finish those seasons back then and what team and which players stood out for you?

A: I was given Sao Paulo by chance in a random team draw, way before we were able to sell and buy other players. The 2 standout players were the sublime Luis Fabiano and (the at the time relatively unknown) Lucas Moura. Those 2 were quality for me with Fabiano scoring the goals to help me finish in the top 4. I finished 3rd in the Green League on FLM, and that had me qualify for the PS3 Premier League once PEN opened its doors.

Q: So once pen opened its doors and transfers were a part of life here, how did that affect you and your Sao Paulo team?

A: For me it was something special. The late nights making deals, the over thinking of players and how to get the players i wanted to take to Brazil. It's not wrong to say that it took over my life. To be honest, in my early transfer days, i actually made plenty of bad deals but also some memorable ones. One transfer that I remember most fondly was getting the newly upgraded Paul Pogba from Bridgey in a deal for goal machine Fabiano. I also found a player in that first season who i would sell and buy back some 6 or 7 times: the Brazillian Brandao. Many PEN members feared playing me with that monster up front, I will always love Brandao from PES 2013.

Q: Your first season in PEN, how did it go?

A: Not all that great, a relegation from the Prem suitably followed my venture in to the manual side of PES. It was just too much to ask playing assisted members in the PS3 Prem, as they were all very very good players. But to flip that my manual game was pretty good, and a 3rd place Manual League finish with Wales in the first season we had was a great achievement for me.

Q: Did you not also win a few titles here on PEN?

A: Yes, I have won 3 titles in my time here. In the manual leagues I won back to back titles, one with Galatasaray followed up with a title win with Lyon. Both divisions were very competitive and the superb Gomis of Lyon helped me retain my Manual League crown. Also in season 3 on PEN in the main leagues, I managed to win the Division 1 title using West Ham. A feat i enjoyed even though it was played out during the God awful PES 2014. So not something to really be happy about but a win is a win, take that all day.

Q: Transfers, you obviously like making them. What are your thoughts and how do you see yourself in the market?

A: Just love it. Again it's 2 records here that I hold, one may never be beaten, and that was spending 2.3 billion during season 4. But we had so much money floating around back then. I think I signed Oscar Cardozo for 70 million once and also bid over a hundred million twice. Once for Pogba and once for Totti, I didnt win either of them players. The market was a different animal back then.
I see myself as no different to others like say Bridgey or Baz, we all like to buy and move players on for different players on a regular basis. While I do envy the ability of say an Ozmaszter, Bushlerker, Larcos or wheresmark who buy players and keep them, I just cant seem to do that. I just enjoy the market too much and i get bored of players way too easily.

Q: Who are the best managers to deal with on PEN right now, and who are the worst?

A: You're trying to get me to talk about people with different morals in the market. For me, I like to deal with people such as Kennethrhcp, Wwv PJM vwW, Baz, Nicshoneeboy and say roberto larcos. All have different ways of going about their business, and i can honestly say deals are either made quickly or not at all, in the space of a pm or 2, that i like.
Hmm, managers i dont like dealing with, not many here but i do wince a little bit when Ozzy or wheresmark post in one of my player threads. Not to say I aint made decent deals with either before, just that i know it maybe wont be a quick deal. I prefer a deal to be worth it for both parties. Think I will leave it there for now on transfers.

Q: Ok and finally Spragga, your move to the Xbox One leagues. Are you looking forward to the future? And what will you miss about the PS4 leagues?

A: Was not an easy choice to move to Xbox, but along with my pal Mickyjustice and also another person i thought of as a good lad, Govie, we made the switch. And it's one I'm very happy to have made, really not sure how I will fare over there in the leagues. I dont see myself as anything special at PES, but always do alright in competitive matches.
I will miss communtiy nights with people I spent nearly 2 years talking to and building some kind of friendship with, but the PS4 Prem will be very competitive and some people have an attitude to league games I just don't have. I won't miss playing some players, but that's not to say I haven't enjoyed playing everyone at least once on PEN. I wish all of them the best for the season.

Q: Ok spragga, think we covered enough, just one more thing. The new season, who is your player to watch?

A: Easy, its gonna be new signing Geoffrey Kondogbia, a poor mans Pogba, and a beast by any means.

Thanks a lot for your time and good luck for the season.


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