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Wednesday, 17 December 2014 20:50

Stoke Manager comes under controversial Scrutiny!!

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He has been ridiculed, labeled a cheat by some and a financially inept manager, yet his record displays one premiership title and two top 3 finishes in 5 seasons here on ProEvoNetowrk. We have finally been able to catch up with Venom for the very first time, the current Stoke City manager who has already put his club in hot water during the first week of the new season with numerous allegations concerning match day preparations. It seems like the Britannia faithful are already losing their patience with the South American manager after he promised a top 3 finish but delivered a mediocre 7th place last season.

ProEvoNews sent their very own jamimah Lansbury for a full 30 minute interview.....


JL: Good evening and welcome to another session of CLUB-MANAGERS night in, we have a new guest tonight for the very first time, none other than stoke city’s manager Venom.

JLPEN: Welcome Venom, lets jump straight to a few points/questions we have for you, First off, How did  you manage to liquidate your childhood club Boca Juniors after only 1 brief season in charge, Where did it all go wrong?

Venom: Good evening to you Jamimah, I am not here to discuss my past, what’s done is done, My only focus is to make Stoke City a title challenging side in a very competitive Pen Premiership this season, I have learned the hard way whilst managing Boca Juniors that nothing lasts forever and that time heals all wounds.

JLPEN: Of course, ok well lets discuss your time with Stoke, You arrived as the head coach last season promising...nay...guaranteeing a top  3 finish, however, just about made the top 10 come the end of the season, How did you manage to convince the board to keep your job? Considering the fact that your financial decisions liquidated Boca Juniors and now that stoke are also in financial turmoil, the fans are calling for the immediate sack, Can you blame them? Here are some of the fans views I will read to you

Fan1: Get em out!! I have been a season ticket holder for 32 years and because of that good for nothing manager, I refuse to renew it until we show him the door.

Fan2: He came to us claiming to be the special one, how did we ever put faith in a man who liquidated his childhood dream club? This is wrong...wrong I tell ya.

Venom: Look, football is full of ups and downs, I didnt handle my team at Boca very well, nothing was going for us, we invested 150M and by the end of the season we lost our star Man J.Riquelme but still went into admin. It was the season from hell, and as I reiterated earlier to you, I do not wish to talk about this anymore, you are testing my patience, as for keeping my job? I explained myself to the board, my ambitions, my vision and philosophy and that fact that building a great team takes time and commitment, especially with the demands of the ProEvoNetwork Transfer market and the already quality teams surrounding us, and that was sufficient I guess. Fans will always be fans, when you do well, they sing your name, when times are tough, they turn their back, its part of the job and you have to accept it.

JLPEN: Ok, Can you tell us a little about the Kevin Gameiro saga during season 3,

Venom: Gameiro? What does this have to do with what we are discussing?

JLPEN: Well, from our sources, we understand he was signed for your then premiership champions Atletico Mineiro illegally and that you were heavily punished for this?

Venom: Ok, Thank you, this is getting ridiculous, please do not contact me again, I will sue...

At this point, Venom proceeded to untie his wired mic and stormed out of the studio...

JLPEN: A miracle seems to be the only solution to Stokes turmoil, can they be saved? Will Venom lead them to glory or will he demolish yet another wonderful football club, Stay tuned and find out throughout this very promising season 6 here on PenSportsNews where we will always bring you the latest news and updates...This is Jamimah Lansbury reporting live from The Britannia Stadium.

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