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Once Upon A Time...

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...there was a big bad wolf called Davo. He rules all the lands with an iron fist and wouldn’t tolerate any bad little boys and girls. He took everyone’s money and made them do little jobs to get it back. Some people did everything they could to make the big bad wolf angry but no one dared challenge him head to head. All those who had in the past had found themselves banished without trace and were never heard of again....
In the middle of this world was a man they called the Wizard of Oz. They called him this because he could seemingly be in two places at once, talking to people in the land of Eggbox and Playstationfour at the same time. He also made himself magically 1 and a half feet taller in this land than in real life, making him 7 feet tall. The Wizard of Oz spoke to everyone he met, and was constantly brokering trades between the different lands. He did speak funny and sounded a bit like he may want to take your wallet but everyone still talked to him anyway.
The Wizard of Oz was stood on the border between the two lands, secretly wishing he could step into Playstationfour full time, but kept declaring it too small for his 7ft frame and apparently enormous hands which couldn’t cope with the size of things in this strange and attractive place which made Eggbox look desolate and empty. He was just chilling out when a big grumpy ogre stomped past. “AAARGH I have run out of beer” he grumbled as he smashed up everything in sight with his big knarnled club. He glared at the Wizard of Oz, sizing up whether his blood would taste alcoholic or not. He was still deciding when little Mark the mincing rapist skipped on by. “Hello everyone! Anyone for a raping today? Only £10,000 from meeeee” he cried in his sing song voice without realising that seemed extortionately expensive for an average raping. The Wizard giggled at him and declared “Oh Mark, if only you could see what your girlfriend is doing with all those clever students right now” which made Mark stop stock still and a tear form in his eye. This could have been due to plant food withdrawal but before anyone could find out, Baz the grumpy Ogre swung his club over his head and battered Mark into the ground like a tent peg.
Baz finally smiled and declared that he was off to find beer, and that he was as cheery as he could possibly be without being smashed on pints of Baileys.
More tales from the kingdom of Davo to follow….
Written by one of our youngest fans who won the writing competition at the local school for special little people. Macadonna
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