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Who is Who?

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Often players and managers are compared to others, and PEN is no exception. Without further ado- the idiots guide to some PS4 managers….
The Harry Redknapp
Perpetually addicted to the transfer market without any heed for building a team and a hard on for domestic youths like a peado dosed on Viagra at a child model competition, this can only be Baz aka Barry Chuckle. With more transfers than a 5 year old left alone with a bag of temporary tattoos, Baz is consistently transferring players he has had for 5 minutes and also likes to manage his team while pissed. Has to be Harry. (Yet to be seen if his dog has a second income in a tax free foreign country).
The Sam Allardyce
I’m pretty sure Greg is Sam Allardyce. He consistently competes with cheap, poorly rated players who he gets the best out of and can spot a hidden scripted gem at 1000 yards. Also, does a great job of being pissed and falling asleep and I can testify first hand he snores on a microphone like I imagine Allardyce will when he turns his hand to commentating. Also I like to think he has an enormous head and looks a little like a chubby lollipop like his real life manager equivalent.
Clueless Brendan Rogers
Almost certain this is me, Macadonna. Playing the same formation the same way despite all advice (and evidence) to the contrary, and refusing to change and just buying players to try and get out of the mess he has put himself in. Sometimes making a mess of a purchase with a guy he hasn’t even seen play before. Doesn’t win much and destined to lead his team to mid table mediocrity, on the right game the teams look great but has one idea and one idea only. And I imagine Rogers is shit at writing articles too
Makes massive purchases and sales like they are chicken feed, unflappable by pressure and never seems to vary their voice that much between moments of apparent dispair and unadulterated joy (if they can even feel that in their chilled out hearts). This has to be Slicklu. Potentially without the tactical nouse, and certainly without the definite promise of league winning results but with the attitude and personality, I’ll give him this one. But my mum fancies Mourinho. Hmm.
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