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I Remember My First Transfer

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Like it was yesterday. Prior to PEN opening its doors for the rebirth 2 years ago, we spent 4 months over on our sister site FLM and at the time unaware of how transfers would work. As i was Sao Paulo over on FLM i had a fine squad of players i learned to love, but prior to moving over lock stock and barrel to PEN i made what would become a very significant thing in my life, and that would be my first PEN transfer, and oh my days, it would not be the last.



The first deal i made was on the thinking that i needed a strike partner for the rather ridiculous on pes 13 "Luis Fabiano" not many players cought my eye, but Bullstein, yes the banned Destiny lover and one time PEN ip detective had a favorite of mine "Diego Forlan" and i wanted him, pretty badly if im being honest. So a pre agreement over on FLM was struck that once we moved to PEN we would trade our players, and i was losing a future superstar in the name of "Lucas Moura" he had shone for me in the Green League, but his pace and slaggy status was too much for me to handle so i sent him packing.

Little did i know just how much this saturday afternoon transfer would affect my life for the next 2 years, as it was the first puff of a cigarrette, or the first sniff of glue, or even the first drop of a tennents super that starts the addiction.


I have had many addictions in my life, from the time i realised i was addicted to cigarettes as a 14 year old, and the addiction to Championship manager on my amiga during the winter of 91/92, but i never expected this addiction would hit so hard.


As we all got used to the nature of PENS transfer market, deals would be made, many many deals were pointless, many deals were neccesary, but ultimatly all the deals played in to the transfer addiction that was eating my life away, the late nights, the early mornings, the bloodshot eyes focusing on another of wheresmarks lame offer for my superstar, even the Mrs was starting to notice the moodswings i had "Why have you got the hump" she asked "Because i cant sell my unwanted left back" i screamed. "Dont kick the dog, leave him alone" she cried, "get lost, you can all just get lost" i raged back..


Things were going good, a bit of a lull in my addiction towards the end of that first season on PEN but the "Pablo Escobar" of pen "Davo" suddenly talked of a reset, yes a reset to our past addictions, the late nights and early morning dealing were for nothing!! All that ment was the addiction was to become more fierce, more intense, as we had more people wanting the same things.



We now had our addiction nirvana, we all made moves for players we like, I sx I was queing up outside the methodone clinic after he spent all his dirty money on my own "Lisandro Lopes" 32 million, hmmm i thought, i dont have to worry about my addiction for a while, im stacked with cash!!


Time has moved on now and the past 2 years are a blur, too many deals to mention, but i can recall them all, and one thing is for sure, and that is i still remember my first PEN transfer.

My name is "Spragga" and im an addict.
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