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Popcorn and PEN

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Let me begin,tale to tell
Once was the king,now S-3-L
An Hammer,an iron,bubbles he blows
Come hither Sami,to pen you must go

I wanted to play be part of the act
But last year's edition put pay to that
Firmly embedded with Pes new foray
Now part of the act and wanting to play

Planting my feet as Sociedad boss
I've won only one,the rest I have lost
Propping the table,becoming detached
Go to the transfers, a itch I must scratch

Dipping the toe,transfers and bids
Are these grown men?,there acting like kids
Keeping my cool I won't be like them
Then a German outbids me at a second to ten

New to the game,a novice, a pup
But there is no denying when ones been tucked up
Twenty three mill, you just dug the hole
Stones signs for Wally from Kens Minero

Can't stop the pointer,life of its own
Forget it will cost me,but must bite the bone
Inevitable outcome,this pm cost PENce
Here's Sami's finger,best coin I've spent

You can make the perception from viewing a thread
But plug in the mic,that same man gets cred
Guilty of this I've been in the past
Now doubt cast aside with mirth made to last

First time in party,plug in the phone
Mish mash of regions,peculiar tones
Odd sounding scouser, pen cash to bank
You sound familiar,You Thomas the Tank?

Yellow canary,at first I mistook
Love of the farm and Deliha's books
Plastic red manc,Mark turns up the heat
Not words to offend,more squirm in your seat

Parish J speaks,soothing there rants
My wife left the room,she just creamed her pants
Another quick witted,put to the sword
A-level banter,the Evil Cat Lord

Nic does the sigs for all the Pen lads
I thought it was Winstone from the bet in play ads
Brummie lads here, early on lash
I'll give him to 10, by then he'll be crashed

Must leave the party,bemused and perplexed
All this talking of transfers and crocodile sex
Back to the forums,my thread has interest
To see who to sell,swap or invest

Glint through the curtain,half moon burns bright
No one wants Duits, just call it a night
Flick back the page,go read verse four
I've become one of you,infected each pore

Things that begin must have an end
But I see the footprint,your style and your trends
Your not forgotten, your story I'll tell
But for now I've been Sami,yours S-3-L

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