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A quiz with St. Etienne star, Asamoah Gyan.

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Hello all, this is the PEN quiz which will air from time to time with various managers and players all over PEN. You can all apply by mail (pm manager Muk) Today we start with the last seasons Prem League top scorer with over 35 goals, St. Etienne striker Asamoah Gyan with his sexy haircut.
Bluebird: Welcome to our show Gyan, before we start i want to say that your haircut is amazing. Do you know that it is one of the best currently on the fields?
Gyan: hahaha, if you say so. I want to thank you too for this program, i also want to thank my manager Mukremin. His confidence in me has always inspired me.
Bluebird:  Now lets start, we will ask you some questions about almost anything. What is your best goal so far?
Gyan: My best goal, hmmm that is a good question. I have to rethink all the hundreds of goals haha, i think the best and most important was the goal last season on the final day. We drew and we became the champions.
Bluebird: What game is the most important to you?
Gyan: The game vs Germany in the last World Cup game, i scored in that game and we showed the world that we actually can compete with the top countries in the world.
Bluebird: What match did you perform best?
Gyan: I always perform well, so all of them :D
Bluebird: Which stadium do you like the most to play in?
Gyan: For ambiance i must say San Siro in the games against Inter Milan. But the stadiums in the UAE are one of the best i ever saw.
Bluebird: Who is your idol? Which star was your favorite player?
Gyan: I have my own playing style, but i always liked Ronaldo and Romario.
Bluebird: Who is your favorite manager?
Gyan: Mukremin of course :D
Bluebird: Who is the worst manager?
Gyan: I never worked with him, but friends who know him talked about him. I have to say whereswally.
Bluebird: Who is the best player so far? In general.
Gyan: I love Zidane, he is a very special player. Amazing things he can do with the ball.
Bluebird: Who is the best keeper?
Gyan: Courtois, no doubt about it.
Bluebird: And the worst keeper?
Gyan: Lehmann, God he was a bad keeper.
Bluebird:  Who is the most talented player in your team?
Gyan: I have to say Atsu, bright future ahead of him.
Bluebird: Who is the most hard working player in your team?
Gyan: Erding for sure, he is always a sub but his performance in training is remarkable. Never gives up.
Bluebird: And who is the most lazy?
Gyan: Oh boy, (laughs). Will he watch this? It is Mbengue, he is so lazy but still finds himself in the starting 11 each game.
Bluebird: Who eats the most?
Gyan: (laughs) Diaby, he could eat like an elephant. Unfortunately he is about to leave the team.  
Bluebird: Which player dresses the best?
Gyan: me, me and my buddy Aluko.
Bluebird: And the most honest teammate?
Gyan: Salih Ucan, that kid is a talent and honest to the bones.
Bluebird: What is your favorite food?
Gyan: Shish and Doner kebab for sure, love it love it.
Bluebird: What is your favorite movie?
Gyan: Goodfellas, wonderful movie.
Bluebird: That's it Gyan, we appreciate you coming here. Good luck with the remainder of the league, cheers.
Gyan: Likewise, thank you and good luck.
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