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A to Z of PEN Managers

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If you are new to PEN or need a reminder, here is the only reference guide you need to understand the manager or player you are dealing with.
Addict - Spragga. As per his recent article the boy can't put his PEN transfers down. Generally fair in his dealings, pays big and ever present in the Deals Accepted page.
Bid Addict - G Zola. If there's a player going, there's a Zola offer. Usually for a swap and usually nobody wants to swap for his carefully selected band of brothers. 
Crazy Bastard - Chicken. He's our resident CDB on the PS4. Top guy who lets his little boy Luc on the mic to give us some words of encouragement. 
Don - Davo. He's the Don, what he say's, goes. If you get acknowledged you are likely just about to be kicked out.  
Evergreen - Goat. Been here a loooong time and knows his stuff in the market. Decent player too. 
Family Man - Brizzle. This guy manages a family and a wife of 18 years to play his beloved game, fair play to a quality guy.
Geezer - Mikyjustice. This guy likes to get deals done. Despite his poor choice of console, Miky has been known to hold a phone call to PS4 party chat negotiation facilitated by Nicshoneboy. 
Happy - Sham. The voice of our radio show, if Sham had to be a dwarf he'd be happy. Positive guy who plays a mean game.
Irish Riddle - Seanachais. One of the nicest blokes going, good player and to top it off he can spit a few Irish lyrics for you. Just don't mention the P (otato) word.
Joyful Jock - Flannyboy. Genuinely the most positive Scottish guy in the world. Plays quality football and is always up for a game.
Kookies - Phillyrich. With C already taken this guy can make a mean cookie. Also a full manual, no radar, no guide lines generally crazy player and top guy.
Lamenting - Nelsta. Always comes on the mic to share his transfer market woes. Challenging for promotion this season and a good all round player who gives anyone a game.
Measured - Slicklu. Always cool, always calm, always collected. Smooth operator on the pitch and forum who has carefully selected his empire. Arsenal fan with a penchant for quick Chileans called Alexis. 
No Giroud - Bluebird. Dominating the PS4 Prem, made a mistake, went into admin, lost Giroud. Now found tip toeing along high bridges trying to secure someone who could fill half of Giroud's quiff's shadow.
Out of Love - Venom. Having recently declared he had fallen out of love for the game a miscalculation on a wage bill under a million just sent him into admin. 'Enjoys' a bit of forum 'banter' with Baz.
Pie Eater - Macadonna. Dave, Soco or Macadonna is about as Northern as they come. He eats pies for 6 out of his 7 meals a day and has recently acquired a real life caricature of his own face tattooed on his arm.
Queen - Parrish. Perpetual cup runner up. Uni student, studying a BA in PEN. 
Rule Maker - Nurologic. If you need to know what type of goal is acceptable to score ina  match, Nuro's your man ;).
Snorer - Gregmeister is the resident Playstation snorer. All round cracking lad, fair in the transfer market and good fun to play against but 8+ Westons down and he sounds like a cement mixer full of bricks.
Top lad - Nicshoneboy. Self-professed not all that good at getting results but has a great crack with everyone, always on the mic and never shirks a challenge. 
Unwavering - Squirrel. In his desire to have his beloved Villa players in his team. Since they are going down this might be to his detriment but still plugging away.
Vulture - Ozmaster. Watch out for this one, he has his beady eyes and ears everywhere, if it happens on the forum or in either Playstation or Doorstop (Xbox) chat, he knows about it and is ready to eat out your intestines (or a similar effect through the means of shafting you out of a few million on a player).
Wanker - Wheresmark. Does anything to win and organises weddings. Yes he's a male.... I know.
X-Rated - Baz. At some point in between his 7th and 8th Westons and shortly before Greg finishes his 8th and is ready for a snore, the potty mouth comes out. A gentile, gent of a human being turns into an expletive spitting animal. All in good fun I should add.
Youngster - Timbovici. The younger brother of Chicken and second half of the Dutch duo on the party chat often. Top guy just trying his best to be as good as his big bro.
Zigzags - Clarkof - Portuguese wizard who will blind you with zigzag passing up and down the pitch. A little slight of hand later and you have lost. 
Written by Chucka
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