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Monday, 09 March 2015 16:10

The Sweet Voices of PEN Radio

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What started out in the dark corners of PEN's forums. Selling podcasts on the black-market for PENce (PEN's currency), those craving some sort of communication from PEN to outside world has finally been given a platform to spread the word!
And how has this been done? Give a big welcome to ProEvoNetwork's official radio station. PEN Radio is an on air, web streaming radio station that voices all of PEN's news live! 
Drama, analysis, controversy and right out banter, all mixed into an hour show, every second Sunday. We look at all the league and manager performances over the course of the season. Keep you up to date with the latest FAF and transfer news. And include all the juicy gossip, hand-bag fights, moaning and shenanigans that you may have missed!
Ever wondered what happened if you put a Scotsman, Irishman, South African, and a dude called Ozmaster together? Sure recipe for disaster ain't it  :) Well, our crazy bunch of hosts and co-hosts adds enough variety to get anyone interest on the show.
Sham, our host, has a knack for moans, groans and drama. Sure to find any hot topics within PEN and make sure the moaners get heard, and shamer's get named.
Seanachais, often the voice of reason. One of the Frillypinkst lads on PEN, and the all round go to guy for any disputes on the show or in PEN. Loves a riddle or 2, so be warned when getting a quiz from our favourite Irishman!
JMG, who's love-hate relationship with our own Ozmaster, fuels the passion in show. Keeping to deadlines, important announcements and man holding all Davo's cards. Impress him, and you're sure to earn some PENce at the end of the show.
Last but not least, Ozmaster! PENce, Transfers and all sort of shark like gallivanting. Ozzy's got possibly one of thee best eye's in the transfer market! Sporting one of the best teams PEN, his knowledge of players and young potential makes him the best man to turn to for all our transfer news!
Well what are you waiting for, head over to and see what we're all about. Catch our past shows on the, and be sure to checkout any announcements for upcoming live shows!
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