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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 11:36

Most Expensive Free Agents

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Today i looked at the past auction prices and members that brought them, so as buyer of a few auctions in my time on pen, i thought i would create the most expensive 11 available on PEN right now, went with a 443 formation so could add a more balanced selection of players brought from Davo's dungeon since the start of the year.

First up Goalkeeper

1, David De Gea ---- Govie---- £35million

No surprises in goalkeeper here, only been 3 keepers put up for auctions this year, and its Manchester United's Spanish Mr Tumnus, Alpaca lookalike De Gea that was sold to Govie for the Princely sum of 35 million ℗ a great keeper and one of the best on PEN, In real life one of the best around right now.

2, Branislav Ivanovic ---- Dudka ---- £46.5million

Dudka went big on Ivanovic, and in fact is the 3rd most expensive player in this team, Chelsea legend and all round versatile player, serbian Ivanovic would be on many a PEN managers wish list, and his ability on the game and in real life is measured in the price in ℗ dudka weighed out for him.

3, Marcelo ---- Spragga ---- £28.4million

A surprising amount paid for Real Madrid and Brazil left back Marcelo, it was me that paid the 28.4mill for the player, again no real surprises as he is easily one of if not the best left back on PEN right now, currently just was sold for 25million on the open market, and there is no better left back for that kind of money.

4, Nicolas Otamendi ---- Fertetoprioni ---- £27million

Was a bit surprised when looking through the players won at auctions that it was Argentine and PEN's infamous Nicolas Otamendi who would make one of the center backs in this team, signed from davo by at the time, new manager Fertetoprioni, he paid a very Frillypink amount for a player who got upgraded from a 78 to and 80 within the space of a week, Otamendi has a checkered past on PEN, but Ferte got a bargain and a half on this deal.

5, Gary Cahill ---- I Sx I ---- £30.5million

The 2nd player from Chelsea in defence, and its Gary Cahill who finds himself as the most expensive center back won via an auction this season, currently owned by BAZNCFC quiet a big price on paper for Cahill but im sure there are a few out there who would love the player in their defence.

6, Joao Moutinho ---- Spragga ---- £40million

Monaco and Portugal's Joao Moutinho will be the Playmaker in this team, his ability to pick any defence apart with his range of passing he can either sit deep or even go forward with ease, i paid at the time the big sum of 40mill for Joao as he was a player i have always liked in real life, currently owned by Seanachais and i think someone would have to outlay a huge amount to prize him away from Sean, a worth addition to this team.

7, Theo Walcott ---- Alexselva ---- £47million

Theo is the 2nd most valuable player in this team, and to be fair has recently been sold on to his current owner Kennethrhcp for the sum of 50million, its all about the speed with Theo on the game, just like in real life, realistically he is just an 100meters sprinter who can just about run with a football, he looks about 12 years old, but has been around for ages, there is a reason he courts such a high value on PEN and that is his 97 speed and 97 explosive power, he is 2nd to none with those stats.

8, Douglas Costa ---- Jimus ---- £41.5million

Jimus went big at the time to nab chelsea target Douglas Costa for best part of 42 mill, he was very much one of the most sought after free agents we have had, currently owned by Nurologic, this player is destined to join a bigger club in real life than Shakhtar Donetsk, and a summer move to the premier league looks nailed on, this is one of a few players i was not surprised to see make this team, as im sure the managers who would not want Douglas are few and far between.

9, Ezequiel Lavezzi ---- Govie ---- £ 39.6million

Only a recent signing for Govie and to me a fantastic price he paid, not many better than lavezzi around on PEN and a player who i and many more would give an arm or a bollock for, at the time of writing Lavezzi is being linked with a move to England and in particular Liverpool, if that happens then Govie can expect his pm's to be raging with offers from the scouse contingent here on PEN, and we should see a massive profit for Govie if that happens.

10, Wilfried Bony ---- Spragga ---- £50.6million

The most expensive player signed via any kind of auction this season, and for good reason, just got his big move to Man City and on the game is an absolute beast, i paid big for Bony, and he has superb stats with all kinds of player cards coming out his harris, Knuckle shot being a fan favorite, and he hits them hard with his 87 kicking power, at the time of writing, Bony has just been traded by me for Romelu Lukaku, so that in itself shows the value of Wilfried, and his new owner I Sx I will love him im sure, and i cant think of a better striker to lead the line of this team.

11, Gervinho ---- MickyJustice ---- £44million

Along with Walcott, Gervinho is one of the quickest players on PEN, and Justice paid big for the player a few months back, a great pes player and one who is deserving of his price tag, a tag that sees him the 4th most expensive auction signing this season, he has been available for other to buy, but so far no one has coughed up enough to make justice part company with the player.

So, lets run a few stats about this team, the defence and goalkeeper would set you back £167.4million, the midfield on its own would have cost a cool £128.5million, and the strikers £134.2million, thats a total outlay of £430.1million that this team cost in the autions.

That would work out to wages of £59.5million, and after the Multipliers kick in, you would be left with a very hefty wage bill of the unobtainable £238,000,000 exactly.

So lads, its good to win autions, but to get a team like this is impossible, unless you can somehow rob the Bank of Dav...

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