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Friday, 17 April 2015 09:29

The Curse Of The Number 9

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With Parma currently putting together a credible challenge for the PS4 Div 1 title and promotion to the heady heights of the PS4 Prem, we take a deeper look in to just what's happening behind the scenes.

If you look at the table you will see Parma sitting Frillypinkly among the top teams in Div 1, with a more than credible goals tally(as of writing Parma had scored 87 league goals).

Yet despite the points and indeed goals the question remains as to how Parma have failed to keep hold of a striker!

With numerous high profile strikers brought in throughout the course of the season i.e. Destro, Djordjevic, and Lastley El Sharaawy.

All players arrived and scored enough goals to warrant a starting place in the 1st team 11, yet each has found themselves shipped out and replaced with little explanation as to why.Djordjevic was bought twice and each time let go after having a record of scoring more goals than matches played.

When asked about this, Manager Cat Lord replied by saying "we just haven't found the right guy yet"

Which begs the question of what must a striker do to stay at Parma for a prolonged period?

Scoring goals doesn't seem to be enough nor does being a fans favorite.

And if the latest rumors are to be believed, we will soon see a new high profile striker sign on at the Italian outfit.

Only time will tell if this striker has what it takes to keep the poisoned chalice that is the number 9 shirt, or if he will be another cast aside as so many more.

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