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Ramiro's Story

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On a sandy football pitch in Mendoza, Argentina, young boys gather to play the game of "futbol". And although the average human dreams between 5-7 times per night, very little of these boys dresms ever come true.
But for Ramiro Funes Mori, the 23 year old defender from PEN's River Plate, the Mendozain's dream soon spun into reality.
Called up for the Argentinian National Team vs the El Salvador on the 27th of March 2015, the Argentine feels it's a start to a new beginning.
"I'm happy, excited really! I could but only imagine this feeling! But now the opportunity is here I need to ensure that I keep up my performances in order to prove myself over a ton of other good defenders in both club and country".
Signing for PEN's River Plate for a mere 1million Pence, the Argentine has featured in more than double the games from his former club, Cardiff City.
His former manager BlueBird has kept the defender on the bench for almost all season, and Ramiro insists on forgetting about the past and focusing on the future, as the only thing on his mind.
"I can but only thank the Boss, Josham. He's given me the opportunity to show what I'm capable of. And now I just need to keep believing, and keep up my performances."
Mourinho's defender wasn't the only one on show during the international match. Club team mate Roberto Pereyra, making his 10th international appearance, also took the pitch and his appearance definitely eased in young Ramiro.
Not all dreams turn into fairy tales. Financially River Plate just about managed to break even. The loss of key midfielders Custodio and Ben Arfa during the Data Pack 4 update hasn't helped matters as well.
Furthermore the Los Millionaires have had a host of technical difficulties, resulting in a backlog of unplayed league games. A finable offence, and having members of the board looking over their shoulders for the tax man.
But Ramiro insists the club's situation hasn't affected the coach's attitude. "Mentally and physically we still get challenged by the Josham. Training sessions are still at a peak level and we've managed to win all of our last 6 games, so performance's are still there".
With still plenty to look forward to within the season, and things only just starting to peak for the Argentinian... the world lays now at the youngsters feet.


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