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Thursday, 30 April 2015 17:21

The Lyon Car Show

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After all the different faces arriving and departing from the Lyon training ground. The newest recruit to arrive is the Young Pharaoh aka "El Ferrari".
We caught up with the young star at the Lyon training ground with his fellow team mate "LacaBugatti".


So "El" how does it feel signing for Lyon?

El Ferrari: It is a privilege and an honour signing for a club like Lyon. I have always admired the club and the manager and enjoyed my trips to Stade de Gerland. It is a wonderful stadium and a beautiful city to live in with a lot of passionate fans.

So how are you getting along with your new manager and fellow team mates?

El Ferrari: The boss is a top manager. I have met and spoke to him several times before earlier in my career when I was playing for Guangzhou Evergrande as both the teams used to play lots of friendlies during season breaks and pre season cups.

During those matches I've met and become friends with a lot of my current teammates like Phillip, Fernando, Ola, Vincent, Ryan, Shamus and Rakytski and I can't forget this guy here Alexander.
It has been fun and enjoyable getting to know some of the other lads on the team. It is a young, fresh, vibrant, talanted squad. I feel at home here and can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

So Alexander where did their nicknames Bugatti and Ferrari come from?

LacaBugatti: I think it originated from the boss observing the way I moved and played on the field and made a comment that I eat up the ground when I am attacking like his new Bugatti.....haha.....When I turned up for our next game and scored a goal the fans started chanting.....

"Lac a lac a Bugatti,
Lac a lac a bugatti,
Running down the goal,
Lac a lac a Bugatti."

Haha.....I think it was the same thing with "EL". The boss nicknamed him "EL Ferrari" after observing him a long while ago and is probably why "EL" turned up in a ridiculous bright red Ferrari for his first day at the club.... nob head..... haha..... joking joking.

So is it true Alexander that you had a hand in EL joining the club?

LacaBugatti: Yeah it was a small part as I have been friends with "EL" for a long time now and we have kept in touch. He told me that his previous club was not the right fit for him and he and the manager agreed it was time to part ways, so I got on the phone to the boss and told him about his availability and the rest was history.

It has been a pleasure speaking to you young gentleman any last words for your fans.

El Ferrari: Yeah thanks for welcoming me with open arms it is a pleasure to play for this club and I will give my all on the field and off it for the badge.

LacaBugatti: It is a pleasure putting on the shirt week in week out for this club. I am enjoying it much more in my new role as a centre forward where I am growing and crafting my skills thanks to the boss believing in me and giving me the chance.
What can I say about the fans they have made my time here much enjoyable and make me feel like I am at home everywhere I go.

So with that this dynamic duo sped off respectively, and not suprisingly, in a Ferrari 458 and a Bugatti Veyron from the training ground. Let's hope their on field performances can match their exotic taste in cars and nick names.

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