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King Kaka: He comes, he scores, he goes, they cry

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There is a feeling of Euphoria around Braga as new manager JMK7 announces a new signing, he has only gone and done the impossible, he has bought in the legend simply known as...... Kaka! Jmk7, so delighted with this marquee signing  eagerly fly's him over to get him in the match day squad vs Botafogo....Game on! Fans turn up with excitement, eager to see their new star in action, for the first time this season its a sold out crowd and the atmosphere is electric.

What a start for Kaka! With his first touch of the ball in a Braga shirt, two minutes into the game he shoots from just inside box and scores, 1-0 Braga! Crowd is ecstatic and the noise insane.....Then another goal before half time and its 2-0 Braga and two goals for Kaka, A super start to his debut, helping JMK7 win over the fans big time already! Sadly Braga began to lose control and with a man down they were pulled back to 2-2.... But wait, hes there again and its...its...its.. 3-2 for 10 man Braga and the match ball for new star kaka!!...Sadly the game ends 3-3 but the game belongs to Kaka, what a debut for him with the fans singing JMK and Kaka's name with full joy at full time!

''Theres only one JMK!! Only one JMK! He signs legends every day!! J----M----K!!''
''Kaka Kaka, king of Braga, Kaka kaka, star for JMKs Braga''

Fans happy with performance, result and new star, kids asking parents for new kits with the kaka print and posters on bedroom walls already. A new legend had arrived, a new chapter in the history of the club and excitement for the season ahead.


OH NO!!! Seems like JMK got a little too excited. Apparently he smuggled Kaka over a bit to early. The paperwork had not been complete and Kaka was not a Braga player yet, at all.
What seemed like a dream from the heavens turns into a nightmare from hell...Kaka the angel to JMK the devil. Schoolboy excitement and a schoolboy error....JMK to eager to show the fans his star signing and now its disaster for Braga....A 3-0 loss and 5 million fine. However, that's only the start of the problems, due to an empty bank balance, this puts Braga into admin and all transfers canceled. Kaka leaves the club and the deal breaks down, leaving Kaka to move elsewhere. Not only that but star GK Cillessen is now up for sale to clear the clubs financial crisis.

So, Kaka, he comes, he scores, he shows his class and how he would light up the rest of season under JMK7. In that one game he proved to the world that he still had it, but sadly that is all the Braga fans will ever see of him. A kick in the teeth, a true romance story, to see what could have been, but will never now be. Some say its better to have had and lost than never had at all but the consequences of his loss leave a bad taste in the mouth and though we saw an angel in the stadium for 90 mins most fans wish they'd never seen it at all....At first it seemed he'd bring glory, goals and points to the club but in reality all he brought was a loss, financial complications and the loss of another star player.

But who is to blame? Not Kaka but JMK!...He now has a lot to prove to the Braga fans and time will tell if he can make amends..The schoolboys crying on to their KAKA braga shirts need to be cheered up somehow and soon!

''LONG LIVE KING KAKA and to HELL JMK!' They now say and they will never forget the day when they witnessed this performance

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