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PS4 Premiership... The Run-In!

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With the season drawing to a close, the table of the PS4 Premieship is starting to become settled. Today ParrishJ has a closer look at the positions the different managers are occupying and what their outlook is for the final part of this season. Who is still in the race for the season 6 title? And which managers are in a desperate battle for survival? Parrish will give you all the details. 
Mid Table Obscurity
Let's first talk about those who have nothing to play for whatsoever, I feel in 10th place WheresMark typifies this, Why does he even bother? Most wish he wouldn't, but these are the guys who can really affect the fortunes and misfortunes of those of us who are battling for something.
I think this applies for the following managers (please write in the comment section below why I am wrong and why you will in fact be walking the league):
Big Boss & Seanachais - A strong points total for these two however it would take a bit too much to happen for them to challenge for the title this time round. Ones to watch for next season however, with a couple of the strongest teams on PEN to back up the skills on the pad.
Slicklu, WheresMark & Sham_v99 - They may look on different points but with games in hand to take into account, it looks like they will be a league of their own at the heart of the obscurity battle. Maybe they will spark a rivalry for the coveted title of true mediocrity.
Brizzle & Chucka - At the lower end of the obscurity are these two midtable misfits. Brizzle had a hard start to the season and will no doubt be pleased with his impressive vein  of form that had raised him so majestically out of trouble. Chucka despite his incessant whinging is a very strong player and it is surprising not to see him higher up the table.
Lam09 - Should have enough in his locker to stay out of the battle below him
Relegation Battle
With rumoured changes to the league structure next season it is hard to understand the implications of relegation, however no one wants to be in that murky red zone, so I expect a big fight down there.
Mukremin-40 & Jmk7 - Leading the pack are last year's champion Muck and returning PEN icon Jmk. Both must feel in a strong position to stay out of trouble, with a decent gap and games to play on some below them, they are in a good position to escape.
The Dhon & Karlallen277 - Just in the drop zone, just a few points off safety however are sporting a deficit of games in hand against them, but a strong vein of form could surely put them with a good chance!
Vacant (aka Venom) - Under circumstances I am not aware of, Venom's disastrous season ends with him parting ways with his beloved Stoke City, and leaving a vacant spot in the league, If someone with some serious skills takes over then maybe a great escape can happen, otherwise relegation is an inevitability.
BisonDollah - Taking over a struggling team after Nuro's departure, Bison has been consistently losing and looks to be doomed, but he assures me he is having fun yes
Dortabadboy & Dortaboy - Hard to assess these two as they have joined late with so many games to play but with their form so far, it is not looking good. However never say never with these two.
The Title Race
The most exciting prize in world football is the PS4 Prem title and the race is hot this year. Competition is more fierce than ever and some of the biggest names in PEN have already been written off to mid table obscurity. With any team being able to beat anyone there is plenty of room for some Keegan moments at the end of this season in the race for the title.
Goat261 & Roberto Larcos - These two are the front runners, and have been since day 1. Two of the best managers on and off the field, playing football that frightens even the bravest opponent. Goat leads the way on 77 points with 8 games to go and it is his to lose, but losing certain title victories is what our resident Kevin Keegan is best at so anything can happen! Roberto with games in hand for most of the season has been sneakily lurking down the table with an impressive win loss ratio, those who paid attention have considered him a potential champion all season long. He is pulling the classic "out of the title race" line that is fooling no one, everyone be aware of this sneaky Spaniard.
ParrishJ & Clarkof - The Challengers. Clarkof joined the league towards the end of last season, taking D1 by storm winning the league by an impressive margin. He attacked the league in similar fashion and has been an ever presence near the top of the table all season. ParrishJ - widely regarded as the best player in PEN has had a solid season winning the majority of games, however with 10 losses has the most defeats of any of the contenders, you get the sense of all or nothing from this PEN prodigy. Myself and Clarkof are just off the pace from the front two, but you bet we will be there pushing for any slip ups. I have both Goat and Larcos to play and Clarkof still has Larcos to play so with plenty of six pointers still to play, we can have a real say in how this plays out.
Bluebird & Gregmeister - The Outsiders. Greg has had consistently good form all season and with it especially rich of late seems him sneak in for a late title push. Maybe if he stayed off the Westons in more of his fixtures he would be competing even more, or maybe the booze is the fuel behind his flamboyance.. only he will know for sure. Bluebird was the surprise package at the start of the season, winning 10 of his first 11 games with the famous Giroud and Llorente partnership, only for his off the field performance letting him down to put him in administration and losing the sexy Frenchman, after this he never truly recovered, but has certainly done enough to be discussed with the challengers at the end of the season.
In all seriousness, PEN is all about fun and playing a great game of football, so we are all winners really!  
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