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Monday, 18 May 2015 10:25

Colo Colo Interview.

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With the transfer market supposedly drying up bonkers manager Nicshoneeboy has put his new found craze "gambling" and 'constant tinkering' aside for an exclusive Interview


A ray of hope came in last few games with 2 wins amongst the points dropped, the team looked like it was on the up but with the chase at the back end of the season hotting up, the intensity to make a win from nothing whilst learning a new formation is a step too far with many players finding their feet and beginning to gel rather than peak.  Big name departures, change of tactics and a fan base that was slowly pointing the finger at the manager and demanding answers

lets talk about the wins 1st 3 so far this term Nic Shon, was you expecting this many?

 "to be quite honest with you olde chap, no. we've had a bad run but....the wins show promise and were building on that. day by day we're more of a unit going forward now and more financially viable which is a always a bonus"

 Losing Big Names like Balotelli, Gignac, Barton, Castagnos, Borini, Wilshere, Richards how do you sleep? Big Cojones? Madness? Genious? tell us the secret !

 "Id like to think a little of all of those please Brian, there's a re reaction for every action here with the end product to be what i call 'the best we can mustre with the cards we've been dealt" the desired destination and I will pull out all the stops to make this a better team, its up to Del Boy to gather the coaches Beardsley, Uncle Albert, Freddy Boswell Myself and Scouse Terry to put the ethos across to the players"

 With all the imminent changes the squad is looking more stable Nic Shon, well done,who has been the your most favoured signing of the bakers dozen?

 "collectively its always a team goal, to win or die. Barton Instilled that in our young siblings and its an echo we stick too, Iturbe, Aimar, J-Rod, Markovic and Ross 'boss' Barkley have all entered super stardom since their inspirational arrivals"

 With the fans somewhat 'on your side' how do you see the future ? with all the talk now of brands being lost?

"I Love COLO COLO im only in it for the fans here, if the finances are right i dont see Nic Shon ee Boy going anywhere, im here for the long haul. im Contracted till PES 16 we ill see where we are at the end of next season me olde churrvy, now if you dont mind ive been invited to the Markovic  Balkan welcoming party where Radosevic has preppared a load of Balkan delights, i must dash Ginter loves minced Beef and he will gannet the lot"   "tadaaaaar"

And hes gone, dropped the interview like 3rd grade french. I hinnk we got all we could from the time strapped manager, we shall see you soon in the next edition of Colo Colo News ive been Brian Badonde.

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