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Xbox slag cup preview

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With season six coming ever closer to a finish, and the mighty bushlerker cruising it seems to the Prem title, lets take a look at the Xbox slag cup and how it has revitalized PEN for the xbox mafia.

The idea was floated during many party chats after the PS4 bums had a draft pick up and running, but of course xbox could not let those toss pots out do us on this one, so our resident celebrity snozzle, Stacey Solomon (aka spragga ) set about the daunting task of getting feedback as to how it should be run and then  arranging  the setup.  He enlisted the skills of PENs resident welsh secretary and s**t was a goer.

The format for each pick has changed each round and this has kept it fresh and the level of excitement high, as superfly will testify. He has been like a pent up sexually frustrated fourteen year old, poking and proding everyone when its their pick, then berating them if they dare pick a player he had his bleary eye on.

So far the teams are looking great, 19 managers have signed up and there is gonna be some sexy football and tasty goals being scored.

A  slag cup goal of the tournament competition has been bandied around, how about 1mil from each entrant to go into the prize pool for the best goal or goals? Feed this s**t back to the boss man see if it’s a legit idea.

All the PES legends are making cameos at this tournament, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Adriano to name a few, but there is one exclusion that has baffled nearly everyone and that is Maradonna, why hes not on the game is a mystery to all.

The format is champions league style with home and away fixtures then onto the knock stage, so there is gonna be enough interest to keep members going till the new season is upon us.

This should be the highlight of a great season and good luck to all who participate.

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