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Bye Bye St Etienne

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Former Premiership champions face hard times, this is clearly visible with the staff and players but most important with the manager Mukremin. St. Etienne faces relegation.

The French side has played all the matches and has completed the season, and off they are waiting for the opponents to finish their games. Playing a play-off with another team is highly possible, we have made a list of the possible opponents whom St. Etienne will face within a couple of weeks.

JMK's Braga team, JMK a veteran manager has taken over Braga mid season. The previous manager was sacked because allegedly he was using his team as a drug importing facility. JMK too has a long list of misconduct and he was heavily criticized by the fans and players alike.

Milner and Kaka are one of the players whom St. Etienne should fear most.

Big chance that St. Etienne will face Braga in the relegation play-offs due played within 2-3 weeks.

Karlallen277's Vitesse, also a new manager who took over mid season. The previous manager Chicken man allegedly had close ties with St. Etienne manager Mukremin. It is a positive signal for some except maybe for conspiracy theorists.

Dutch side Vitesse has a very strong midfield with young stars like Florenzi and other great players Sigurdsson, Benat. If Vitesse manages to win their games they will end up in the relegation pool. If not they relegate automatically.

The Dutch Dorta brothers, feared by all but face a very though season. Both Italian teams were hit hard with match fixing and other illegal activities. Both teams and managers were banned from international football, but a presidential election in Italy led to a dismissal of the trial and the brothers were free to manage and participate in the league. Both teams have shrunk in comparison to last season, players to watch are Inler, Asamoah (rumored in talks with St. Etienne), Slimani and Niang.


Whatever the scenario will be, the fans will see a major change and will have the oppurtunity to watch some great exciting football games.
My bet will be on Braga vs St. Etienne, the bookies will be heavily in favor of St. Etienne but with the problems within the French squad, we will never know for sure.

The sudden transfer of Frei and Erding, both reputedly argued over their position with Mukremin had shocked fans and commentators alike. But we were all equally shocked by the sudden return of both players. Erding even started some of the friendly after season games, it clearly shows that there is no unity in the team and perhaps St. Etienne will face its biggest challenge so far, even greater than the winning of the Premiership title. Lets not forget that St.Etienne is also one of the original teams of the Premiership alongside with Bigboss and Lam09.

A relegation will certainly mean that a big number of the players will look to play elsewhere, notably Gyan, Atsu and Salih Ucan all said they had the ambition to play in a different team. Unconfirmed is the news that Fenerbahce has been given the green light to participate in the leagues again. Fenerbahce board told the press last week that their primary candidate will be Mukremin.

We will all see what the future will hold, stay tuned and we will see you back at the 31th of May.

Note: this article was written a while ago so the current position of the prem table could somewhat have changed. Please take note.

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