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PEN Transfer Gospel

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Wether you're a long time pen member or a new manager, the transfer market has its own lingo and meanings, old members will surely sense the meanings, but new members might be unaware of the thought process behind some of the more used methods of selling players, mainly unwanted ones.
Today we look at some of the phrases and pen transfer market lingo that you may come across on a daily basis on pen, so wether you're new or old, this is my take on the meanings we all use from time to time.
1st up and its the "MULTIPLE BUMPING" Accompanied by pictures like these:
Now multiple bumps can only mean one thing, and that is that the player for sale is not getting any attention at all, and the seller notices that his transfer page has bottomed out and gone to page 2 of the transfer market forum, that is never a good sign, so if confronted by pictures of various methods of bumps and multiple bumps then maybe the player is not very good....
Next up is the usage of the word "BEAST"
Can be found in sentances like this "im selling this beast" or "try this player he is a proper beast"
In some instances the use of the word beast is well ment, but for certain players the term "Beast" is overused and may just mean that the player is over 6 foot in height and fatter than Vanessa Feltz after a sunday roast, ie: "Im selling Carlton Cole and he is a beast" is obviously just PEN slang for he is a pile of s**t, and can on some occasions knock a smaller player off the ball due to his size, so beware of the "Beast" as it has spread on to rather pony players in an attempt to hoodwink other managers in to buying what they might think is a poor mans Paul Pogba.
3rd up, and it's a favorite of mine, I always laugh when I see this posted in a transfer thread, and it's "I have a PM bid of xx amount for this player"
To me, what this is signalling is the managers BIN price for the player without actually calling it a bin at all. So when a new thread is opened and you read, "I have an offer via PM of 40mill for Brian Mcclair" that to me is the manager actually stating "im selling Mcclair and wont take less than 40mill" so again, no one can come in and offer say 30 mill straight off the bat as they will be told "no that's not enough" and maybe scare off other potential managers who might be interested.
4th up and we have to mention the sneaky attempts to sell a player who may have moved to a club not actually in PES at all, everyone should do their homework over any player they may want to buy, so when you see a player like Giovonco being sold for 13 million, thats an obvious statement that the player is almost definatly doing something that may mean he is out of the next game of PES, so tread carefully as you might not ever be able to resell that player in the market.
5th and final are a selection of phrases used to aid in the selling of certain players, phrases like "due a boost" that means that at the moment the player is s**t, but has scored against Manchester City in a game and will now be given a stat boost by Konami in the next player update or next game of pes brought out. Then there is "Low rated slag" again, its trying to mask that this player is rubbish but has very high speed and explosive power, and that can sometimes add value to the player, but usually only in the mind of the seller.
Also there will always be the phrase "Trade for Long" in many a player transfer thread, but that is just Wheresmark trying to shift Shane Long for the millionth time, and the fact that he still sees him as one of the best strikers in pen, but has tried selling many, many a time, has led to Mark coining the phrase "Trade for Long" its one every manager has had in their thread im sure.
There are loads of different methods and double meanings that may be being used right now on pen to try and sell a player, its up to you as a buyer to distinguish the reasons and make your own mind up, but to me its all fair, and all fun and games.
Im Spragga im a transfer addict, and admire the goings on in the market at all times, now who wants to buy Guy Demel he is a proper beast.
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