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Saturday, 06 June 2015 10:12

St Ettienne survive.

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A rough and tough season is finally over, St. Etienne managed to stay in the highest competition after a life and death encounter with Karlos's Dutch Vitesse team.

Many speculations were made who the opponent of St. Etienne would be after securing their position in the relegation pool. Either it was JMK or Karlos, JMK failed to hang on to the Premier Division and were catapulted to Division 1 with just 1 point less than Karlos and 2 points less than St. Etienne. JMK was spotted at various whorehouses afterwards, allegedly blowing his mind off.

So the date was set for the relegation play-offs, the tickets were sold almost the very next day after the announcement. Huge excitement erupted in and around the stadium, with some clashes by diehard fans of both sides. 10 people were injured, among them JMK himself. For what purpose he was there? We will never know since he declined to answer and took the fifth amendment after a horde of reporters surrounded his car as he tried to escape. A Heineken beer bottle had supposedly cracked the back of his head.

Now on to the game itself, the match was set to a neutral ground in Belgium. The Constand Vanden Stockstadium with a capacity just over 26.000.

St. Etienne started the game with the same formation adopted after the winter stop, newly acquired players like Mbia and Dzagoev starting at the first eleven. Vitesse took the lead early on by a goal from Barrios, the striker. Not long after the first goal a second goal was conceded and suddenly the French side and the fans started to question what would happen now? Would they really leave the highest level of competition? Badu held the hopes high again after a splendid header at the injury time of the first half, the ball hit the ground first and ended up in goal.

Both sides started the second half with the same eleven, St. Etienne trying harder and harder to find a gap in the defenses of the Dutch side. The Vitesse defenders played a hard and tough game but during one of these pressure moments they failed to clear the ball 2 times. Both of those occasions ended with a goal, one by the new star Dzagoev and the other by the St. Etienne veteran Gyan. Suddenly the odds were against Vitesse, each interception led to another counter attack by St. Etienne. The gap became bigger after Dzagoev scored a Frillypink volley and Wakaso shattering the hopes of Vitesse even more with a Frillypink header. Salih Ucan the young star, whom Mukremin the manager regards as his "son" sealed the coffin for good with a Frillypink strike outside the penalty box and with a Frillypink chip. A monster score of 7-2 stood at the end of 90minutes. This was the biggest score St. Etienne had so far, only loosing with such odds and rarely winning.

Both manager shook hands after the game and Mukremin was heard saying to Karlos that he and his team would be back at the top level in no time. Karlos gave no reply but shook with his head as if to say "you bet!".

The celebrations went on the whole night and on to the early morning, a much deserved victory after looking at the statistics. St. Etienne showed that they really wanted to stay and become one of the better teams next season. We will all see if that will happen, they are the last seasons champions after all.

We also want to celebrate Goat and Zenit for their championship, a tough game was played against Benfica but Goat managed to claim the title.

A brief overview of the statistics:

Statistics: St. Etienne         -     Vitesse
Possession:       54%                 46%
Shots (on goal) 18(13)             5(3)
Passes:               80%                75%

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