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Season 06 Transfer Market Stats

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Transfer Market can be a ultimately busy place, but it can be a haunted house as well, depending on times. Yet all record remain scribbled down by tiny imps in the digital abbys of league spreadsheet...and after the sun sets over league season, they're being digested by number's psycho-fan, who constantly seeks for the Holy Grail of PEN League statistical truth*

Numbers don't lie. Numbers don't sleep, numbers don't listen to vile lies and don't indulge in anyone. And this time, in Season 6 of PEN League, numbers says as follows....

Number of Deals: 2192
Money moved: 18,929 bn pence
Highest fees:
Lukaku 70,6m Ozmazster
Jackson M. 69m Flannybhoy67
D. Sturridge 68,8m Jimus
A. Sanchez 65m Kennethrhcp
M. Mandzukic 63m Chucka
Jackson M. 58,6m MRB_UK
K. P. Boateng 57m MickyJustice
C. Bacca 54m JJ4C
W. Bony 54m FancyBallsLUFC
L. Remy 52,5m Govie
Total dough spent:
Spragga 937,2m
MRB_UK 514,7m
Bazncfc 513,7m
Kennethrhcp 480,6m
l g zola l 478,2m
Ozmazster 475,8m
Gregmeister 446,5m
Govie 444,7m
Wwv PJM vwW 436,8m
Jimus 414,6m
Highest number of players moved (in or out)
Spragga 207
Gregmeister 183
FC Slag 151
Bazncfc 127
NicShoneeBoy 122
Evil-Cat-Lord 113
Hulk 111
Wwv PJM vwW 99
Squirrel NZ 99
ScaryCaravan 98
Ozmazster 93
Most tranferred no
Y. Gourcuff 18
F. Balzaretti 16
L. Remy 16
F. Cavenaghi 14
M. Destro 14
T. Ince 14
A. Song 12
C. Stuani 12
C. Wickham 12
Esteban 12
F. Djordjevic 12
J. Campbell 12
L. Narsingh 12
M. Amalfitano 12
M. Pinilla 12
P. Cisse 12
R. Brady 12
R. Cabella 12
R. Martinho 12
S. De Jong 12
S. Inan 12
Vagner Love 12
Least movedyes
Jese 1
K. Gibbs 1
K. Mirallas 1
L. Insigne 1
Lucas Silva 1
M. Gonalons 1
N. Otamendi 1
P. Dybala 1
R. Montolivo 1
R. Weidenfeller 1
Love couples heart
Brizzle - Nic 19 players
Gregmeister - Evil-cat-lord - 15 players
Spragga - Nic - 13 players
Spragga - Baz - 12 players
Chucka - Squirrel - 11 players
Gregmeister - Mukremin - 10 players
So, as you can see a couple of surprises. Spragga lost  kept his spot in the highest number of deals. nd retained his biggest spender title yes Suppose some of you expected different love couples, but yeah, that's the truth :) It seems to have been a more active season than the last one (almost 500 deals more and $4bn more moved) and beating Season 4 by number of deals by 100, but not by money moved - it was 33bn then. So yeah, that is your humble scribe. Enjoy :)
*as the saying goes, there is truth, then goes bullshit and then statistics.
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