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Saturday, 20 June 2015 12:21

Brand Window Bonanza

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Season 7 is upon us and the Brand Window Extravaganza has begun with closed bids on teams all to be revealed shortly. A new price system is in place that see the slaggiest teams on par with non slaggies price wise, which was a welcome suprise for all involved, the difference thus being now managers would have to pay slightly more for the obscure and quaint random and somewhat more fashinable teams new to PEN.
Two such teams that everyone seems to be watching out for are Liverpool and Man Ure. The old bitter rivals are still fierce as ever on Pen. The question is how deep will the guys in question go in able to nail that brand, knowing that failure will see those managers less cash endowd sliding down a razor blade using his nutsacks as proverbial brakes and having to swallow the fact that they are going to be managers of the worst team possible
With time running out for most managers here is a breakdown of the reactions of some of the stars of the whole PEN affair that piece The Great Brand Window together and make it spirited occasion for all involved

Sami: the wise owl has all eyes pinned on a brand that will throw off the dumb. will love to see the politics if this goes wrong

Macadonna: a vivid Bolton lad but loves a dabble

  • Bushy: has spent wildly who knows where this guys plans are my guess not everton or sunderland
  • WheresMark: the fox is a Leeds slash Man United fan but likes a more exotic and less car park style now thesedays
  • Gregg: is Pitched on the whole Birmingham game,
  • Ozmazster: says he wont but he will , will he? wont he? the oz will capitalise at some point
  • Parrish: well hes  Corinthian Manc  who cooly announces nothing but breath and the whole interview dampens beyond words
  • Baz: openly would fight any man who comes between his Norwich, the clock ticks
  • Clarkof: simply states that he has Dybala and that with making  movies is enough fun for any man, so who gives a BEEP
The puzzle of this the latest shenanigan will sure enough carry some laughable casualties along with costly wins , everyone looking over their shoulder anticipating the mantra of the Auction.
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From Pens Top Penner
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