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To Pastures new.

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Nicshoneeboy missed the brandgate boat but clung on to the hope of of snaring a brand on the black market. After toiling with less favourable brands one deal sprang to mind with Spragga

, the toss up between x 2 brands West Ham or Feyenoord laid to claim on a mystery "need 2 know" basis. spragmatic rogue Spragga later nailed a kit sponsor for West Ham and  so the Deal was struck. Feyenoord awaits Bonkers Manager NicShoneeboy

With the wait over and the ribbon cutting over team coaches have to immediately jog on the ceremonies and get straight to business on the training ground. With a new 4-3-3 System in place it springs dilemma in the camp. With the abundance of class and cover it has seen the club accumulate nigh on x 2 terrific 11's. Whos the final 11 going to be ?

Season 7 at Feyenoord on Day 1 Playing host to Jackson Martinez led Barcelona in the hands of Flannybhoy

The Team arriving direct from Colo Colo's Send off party, The Players touched down by helicopter and began the rout of Barca seeing the Dutch club record a priceless opening day victory against the old foe that is Flanny. Things all seemed to click in place in this barnstormer of a game with all the top faces of the club upon the score sheet in the 3-0 win.

the prize for winning the opening game was a trip to margate by helicopter which went down well with the lads

As the team kicks on from the 1st win the player of the moment award went to Barkley, back from torrid few months on french soil he has lamented the midfield back to its fortress-like stature along with the sterling hard work and great bringer of pizazz, jazz and razmataz to an already floodlit dressing room full of  such brilliant efferfescentical talents to unleash upon the world of Pen.

The current laser like beams of lights in the dressing room have taken well to the new formation and really playing some good football, were still prone to a hiding from the bigger teams but were holding our own against the boats around us, shipshape, fighting fit and fit for fighting huss huss huss.

going into the next bunch of games were going with the motto "win every game and you cant lose" ethically its a winner reality wise..there lies the challenge.

From Feyenoord Live and Direct its Pens Top Penner NicshoneeBadboy

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