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Dark clouds over Rome

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After a glittering first season in division 1, losing only two games, Alexander Panderini became one of the most highly sought after managers in the world. Nine games, one backhand and countless controversial newspaper stories later, he is on the verge of the sack

, divorce and multiple sexually transmitted diseases. So where did it all go wrong for the Roma boss? Well we think it started after the opening game of the season. Panderini came into the head coach role and completely changed the system and personnel, many fans were both worried and sceptical, but embraced him never the less. After despatching FC Banfield, fame seemed to go to Panderini's head and was later that night photographed leaving a well known Transgender massage parlour in italy’s capital. This soured the taste in the mouths of fans who were still celebrating the opening day win, one fan, who voiced his disgust at the Roma manager for his antics received a sharp back hand to the face which broke every bone in his body. When questioned about the incident, Panderini had this to say. "When a fish finger falls out of your fish finger sandwich, do the remaining fish fingers then wish they were sausages instead? Don't be breaded and call yourself fresh, or I will eat you like a cat." This answered a lot of questions and the incident was quickly forgotten.

What followed in the next few weeks nobody could have predicted. With new signings Kondogbia, Calhanoglu, Carvalhas and Japanese international keeper Kawashima amongst others in a new look Roma, Alexander Panderini's men went on a run of 7 games without a win and collecting just 1 point. after 2 losses the fans were down, after 4 they were getting worried but after 6 losses in 8 games the fans were calling for Panderini's head, they wanted their old Roma back, they wanted their old system back, they wanted to by fighting for trophies and not for survival.

As if things weren't going bad enough for the newly appointed boss, reports surfaced of Panderini's wife showing up to the players dressing room and telling certain players that they are to be sold due to their manager spending too much time on the training field. The player in question was thought to be Leandro Bacuna but when asked about the reports the Roma boss replied, "nah mate, you're talking rubbish, my wife knows her place and rings me for permission when she wants to leave the kitchen." The next day Leandro Bacuna was on a flight to Germany where he penned a deal with Bayer Leverkusen.

This would have been a very depressing article if written a week ago, but after crisis talks between the boss and the players, using the same system and personnel Roma romped to an impressive 2-0 win, away to PSG, a fabulous double from Andre Carvalhas and an outstanding defensive performance from Kondogbia and Serey Die gave a glimmer of hope to disgruntled fans. Are the dark clouds above Stadio Olimpico finally clearing up? Or was this a fluke and Roma will inevitably be relegated? Only time will tell. One thing's for sure though, the dog is definitely not for sale

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