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Friday, 21 August 2015 11:59

Market Back on Track

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After some tough times when cash was scarce and hardly any high-profile deals went by. But now, after cash from The Ronin Fund along with other bonuses infused the market, the managers starts asking obscene prices for their player again, and this time it's not Wheresmark!

Take this for example: Arsenal put up their transfer list titled

"Big Dogs"



DEDE 40m




"A hundred fukking millions??"

Some would rather say "Big Bollocks" but the numbers sure have some impact and show Arsenal board's faith in current market shape.

Flamengo's Koke was heard valued 50m+ sure, a great player, but a great pile of cash too, so a great deal of hope has been exposed by CRF manager dortaboy.


"How many cows do you buy for 50m quid??"

As for FAFs, 60m was blown just recently for Any player under 84 auction, seeing Willian joining the proud squad of Millwall. No matter thet he was right afterwards put on the outward transfer list, but you must admit....


"...60m is quite a chunk of dollaz"

So yeah, we might be seeing a decline in a transfer numbers, but with cash on the market we're bound to see some exciting deals be done in before the market closes for transition to the new game.

Look out, it's all right behind the corner!

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