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Friday, 28 August 2015 12:49

Transfer Bung Gone Wrong

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Newells Old Boys are still coming to terms with their 3 month transfer embargo for alleged illegal payments via 3rd party agents. 

The move which saw Danny Ings move from the Rosario club to AC Milan for a reported £25million & Ukranian wing wizard Andrey Yarmalenko couldn't have gone through without special dispensation which Milan didn't have. 

Reports came in claiming to have seen a man resembling Bill Oddie meeting a rather bizarre looking permed Geordie wearing a shellsuit in a scruffy OK Diner just off the M62 and handing over a brown envelope stuffed with PENce Sterling.

When the PEN committee found out and dished out the punishment of a full transfer embargo until November 1st, the Newells manager was surprised with the transfer being flagged up but realised his mistake and how it could be perceived. 

One thing that's learnt from this embargo, is PEN doesn't condone backhanders in ANY form.

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