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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 12:14

Feyenoord turbulance

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Welcome to Feyennoords turbulent seasons review penned by pens self awarded top penner Nicshoneeboy. What a yo yo season weve had here in Rotterdam.The sheer quality of the ever changing faces that are gracing the fields here at Feyenoord are gradually improving.

That fact alone  coupled with the release of PES twenty sixteen and the updates that lie within almost upon us its all shaping together gracefully. With some players getting their rightfully noble upgrades, some getting unusual downgrades for their hard work, some leaving awol and of course the returning lads. Returns namely in our favour this term is the long awaited entrance to dutch soil none other than the freewheeling Jaime Valdes. The Calamity of Konami kept this legend from Feyenoord and the Fans here want nothing more than to see thier man in his swansong year dominating the anchor role supporting fighting spirit of Barton.

The returning Valdes will be met with other heroes coming back into the fray, Jedi Knight Anthony Pilkington a managers old time favourite and not forgetting the ankle snapping bad boy for real Joey Barton. After escaping the evil clutches of awol at the last minute IRL Joey Returns to Manager Nicshoneeboy to have another stab at first team football whilst carrying on where he left off showing the young lads like Jose Campana and new to the madness Cigarini the aggresive mindset with balanced level of lunacy and brilliance needed to here in Couldron thats bubbling at the  Feyenoord Camp to shock our opponents swiftly after the counters we intercept and create the juicy finishes we crave after.

The defense is played a major part in moving the waking Giant that is Feyenoord and some of the late progress made and the defensive upgrades we've transferred into the club like Croatian Penetration Station or Mr Dejan Lovren to everyone around camp was signed for bank manager relationship splitting ℗30m. That deal also see Sergio Sanchez, a worthy centre back leave the club in the opposite direction taking the deal safely in to ℗40m+ deal not seen in the eyes of fools and there's no shortage of fools. Lovren has immediately grounded himself in heart of our defense and has all the skirvvy's in close attendance shipshape. The partnership he has forged with Feyenoords Journeyman CB Joris Mathijsen has woo'ed the crowed into common belief that we can now expect to catch out some of the league's slaggy teams bustling through and finding the net. Now, instead their being carved up by our very own meat cleaver and the points count prove that this season since Dejans installment and magnetisation effect seamlessly with Mathejsen, Figueroa and Clyne with shock horror amazement to the fans and penstars this my friends was only  a short time ago.

The Midfield has taken a hit losing Barkley whose efferfescent displays have been sorely missed and never forgotten. Whilst scars are healing, one great ointment to wound was applied in the form of weight lifted with the  installment of playboy pass master Cigarini. His weighted passes and pinpoint accuracy have begun countless positive attack moves of late its hard to keep track of the ruthless ruud bwoy moves he creates out of thin air. His understanding of the role and having Barton and Lallana's expertise close at hand has helped him flourish in Barkleys abcense The key for next season is the movement of the guys in and around Cigarini's passing vision . If the 3 Amigos up front can carry on latching onto the dynamic passing, this gravy train will reap the rewards in store.

The Gunshed of Supreme firepower is the most important part of our season in the eyes of the paying fan and again the results have been trickling in
accordingly. Weve seen Torres, Balotelli, Castaignos, Borini noteably leave the club along with high scoring Jay Rodriguez a sore miss on our part. But
the Road to Victory has seen steady improvements in the Firing Line. The crowd have been right behind the team and through chant and cheer alone have carried the team on to wins we would might normally dropped points to. The Crowd have named the Attackers "The 3 Amigos" after the boys group goal celebration dance everytime one of the "El Pistoleros" scores. The crowd are onto a winner here and they love it

The Cash, The Fans, The Football & The Tactics  all the ingredients have combined well to mash up the place this season. Season 7 has shown to the new fans we can go into Pes16 with a much stronger and more stable than last year with the Solid GK Pegolo LB Figueroa RB we have the under coveted & unsung hero of the rightside channel Nathaniel Clyne. An absolute solid defensive right player brought in for top money for the
last 7 games and has looked like he has played there for an eternity collectively winning the fans acclaim as he strides manfully from zone to zone. In everyway Nathaniels pace and tenacity to get up and down the park with countless bursts of well timed sprints worthy of olympic medals to be frank. Hardly a snip buy theoritcaly but a wealthy & investment also given the Internationally known calibre of the man, let alone his kinky boots & long socks combination. See you later Elevator

The one player that has a proverbial mountain to climb to reach the 1st team is YOung Uruguyian Nico Lopez.Lopez is Currently the 3rd choice striker and young protege and spiritual leader Sturridge. Lopez is knocking louder on the door than ever with his clinical finishing and boundless energy shown in the short time alotted.Big things await the patiency and proffesionalism shown on the training field that has catapulted himself ahead of Conor McAleny the clubs other young padowan I tell thee. Lopez's most remmemberable and cherished moment was the last touch of the game firing his team to a somewhat undeserved draw with a skillfull brace against Sheriff Tits McGee s team, Feyenoord's most famous fan (in the picture above) show at his slender age, hes appreciation of the goal to the Opposing teams manager Tits MacGee who shyed away in disbelief only to turn to the ugly face of Lopez who continued to celebrate with a 'Martin Keown on Ruud Van Nistleroy-esque" style of jumping in the face of the clearly shaken Tits Macgee all the way down the players tunnel with the Feyenoord players following holding super coach Uncle Albert aloft for signalling for Lopez's introduction late in game shouting "When your chips are down and things seem tragic, sling on Lopez he;s bloody magic"

The Cherry on the Cake this season lies with the clubs Record Striker and Confident Danny Sturridge. First on the training ground and last to leave, Goals galore and ball sacks of flair in his ammo cabinet. Sturridge came into the team with a terrific record with his unfortunate predecessor and has shot us into an almost Promised Land, with x3 games left we could be looking at not being in bottom 4. Which is way further than the target that's kind of beset by our funding and  development time framework program. A credit to the Club and Football in general. 24 Goals and counting for
King Sturridge. Such an eye for goal and desire to win is the basement element we build on for the future. If i dont sell him. Shall i sell him ?? i don't know ! what would OzVulture do? Ill ask Spragga . Get warned by Goat?, Knee -deep bid from the Nemesis?, Manky trade offer from Many. ......Sod it ill keep him.


Thanks for reading Ive been Me, as per, as per PENs Top PENner ℗ 4 ℗

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