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So you’ve come across this site either through a referral or by chance via a search engine looking to compete in an online FIFA or PES league? The next thing you need to do is read this……….
FifaLeagueManager, ProEvoNetwork and MaddenPFL fall under the gaming umbrella of RGM community, a forum based site with news, information, discussions and events across a wide range of PS4 and XBONE titles. Activity is both encouraged and rewarded in various ways within all 3 sites.
Do we have your attention?
Both PEN and FLM house approximately 120 playing league members each.  We also have a good number of people who participate and contribute on the sites without partaking in the league structure.  That being said ultimately once you have a league spot you will be loath to relinquish that position, it will change your online gaming for good.  As you can imagine many people have been lured in to joining the best FIFA and PES league set up available on the web, many have been successful but equally a large number have not and this is down to the individual. 
There is no waiting list as such, each person who introduces and nominates themselves for a place in the league set up will be judged worthy of a league spot based on how active they are around the forum The more active you are in contributing to discussions, playing people from the site, joining in other gaming session, the chances of you successfully securing a league spot are significantly enhanced.
Once you’ve registered with either site you will have limited access to the forum, treat this as a test of your dedication and commitment, the more posts you make the more the forum opens up for you to enjoy.  You will soon have access to join our football ladders, the ability to play competitive games against fellow site members, both league and non-league members as well as certain other events and discussions.
Below is a list of current online gaming tournaments being run:

FIFA 16 ladders – competitive games using a 4 star or league team if involved

PES 16 ladders - competitive games using a 4 star or league team if involved

Pure Pool – 8-ball and 9-ball league format, best of 3 frames.

Rory Mcilroy Golf – complete 8 round tour spread over 2 months.

Project Cars – Weekly time trials

Grand Theft Auto – Friday nights have traditionally been online heist nights

Rocket League – League format 3 v 3.

NHL 16 clubs

FIFA 16 online clubs

Madden league – through MaddenPFL site

Friday Night Poker

League Wars – FIFA 16 and PES16 structured knockout tournaments

Star Wars Battlefront (coming soon!)

With this being a community forum if you would like to propose an idea for a gaming event we would love to see if we can get it up and going.  Participation in these events not only serve for your enjoyment but can bring their own rewards in the form of Pence, an in game currency to help you build your squad or pay for player wages once you have a place in the league setup.
We get a number of people ‘introduce themselves’ to the site and disappear after less than 20 posts, you need to remain active and wait for the opportunity to arise, there is more than enough to keep you occupied around the site.  The sites are built on activity and without the loyalty of these members would cease to exist.  With the new season just a few weeks away on both FIFA and PES and spaces available you couldn’t have come across this site at a better time.
If you are successful in your quest for a league spot the forums open up into its entirety.  You are allocated a team with real players and placed into a league, there are currently 3 leagues in each format for each game.  Your players will vary in their ability and it then becomes your responsibility for managing your squad.  You are given a transfer budget and now have the freedom to buy and sell players at will with other managers.  You will soon realise that this is trickier than you initially think when you have to take into consideration of player wages for the higher rated and potential injuries to these key players as well.  The whole experience will have you coming back to the site daily, checking on transfer threads, league announcements, player auctions, results from your league etc.  I would suggest speaking to other members what to expect if you are in any doubt as to whether it’s worth the effort to secure a spot and gauge their opinions.
Top tips for a league spot

Be active on the forum – post in a range of discussions and topics

Get yourself known around the site – again by posting or adding members to on the PS4 or XBONE and arrange friendlies with them.

Join the ladders – request to join the ladder through an admin and play competitive games against site members.

Participate in Community Nights – Community Nights happen frequently, open to any site member and serve as a good guide to your ability and commitment.

Participate in other online gaming events – Look at the events section on RGM community and put your name down.

Do not go missing for days at a time – this is noticed, we need reliable members for the league to work.

Enjoy yourself.

Below are links to all of the sites
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