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Monday, 19 October 2015 20:16

Paper over the cracks

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Feyenoord's season has come off the rails and the bus is parked roadside just short of rotterdam in cheese town Gouda ready for season 8. The wheels are not off but sparks were growing from the old wagon with pes15 glitches over its looking like the new pes has given legs to to players in areas we needed at the club and the rebuilding process starts once again.

With the PENfa aquiring a new wage commitee to tackle the issue of slaggery in the leagues. The Leagues teams and their managers respectfully await the outcome of the commitees actions. The clock ticks from game release in summer through to the autumn update we wait with baited breath and the hard to swallow facts  that are forthcoming may well see top managers, mid table slags and

6barrell scraping managers alike facing the much loved and loathed anvil of wages. The sheer carnage of the wage anvil drop inflicts is visualised in this case with a boulder being hurled into the garden pond with no regard for the koi carp youve been farming. You you lose a few players to retirement homes and MLO not to mention teams like Shalke. The Bonus of the returning awols is a relief for many. The upgraded folks are great but also a great burden for those that live life on the borderline, the cliffhanger, rebels without brains.

The Guillotine is being waxed in Rotterdam and the story is Who? Who will bare the brunt of the blade this time? Only time will tell. With Feyenoord having amassed a mind boggling  x6 Multi's going into the new season with nowhere near suffice cash to hold the stable dry through the storm. Something has to give somewhere and the massive progress made will begin with the restructuring program at the club. With damage limitation the main concern here at Feyenoord we enter  a tricky period and the mistakes made last term will not be repeated hopefully and the anvil dropping might be softened on impact with tactful management. There's a personal insight of a team in the near stages of the season that see's us going steady and the old wagon flying up the league or was it a dream? We  are dreamers, but were not the only ones.

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