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Xbox 1 Division 1 preview

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After a rigorous league restructure over the err.. spring break, The xbox division 1 has been compiled of a mixed bunch, a bunch that much like the xfactor, is filled with talent, sluts and wannabe talented sluts.

The division, unlike previous years is now wide open for a manager to state is claim to fame, with every team capable of claiming the trophy this year, every game counts, every point matters. Que all range of emotions as the season unfolds.
Ofcourse every manager in the second tier will feel he can accomplish promotion to the sweat, and filth that is the xbox prem, but only a select few can. Let's take a look at thecontenders.

Last years Prem dropouts, Best, Corkdogg, Al3xnder and Dscru must be the favourites to be battling it out at the top of Division 1 this year, They all finished within 5 points of each other last term and all 4 teams have strengthened. The matches between these four may provide a telling insight into who will edge it come the end of the season. If only. like previously mentioned things are a little different this year for the new look division 1. Trying to keep these so called 'favourites' out of a promotion spot are:

Last years Division 1 runners up, PJM, MickyJustice, FunontheFoil and Leondidas. All very capable of fighting for that top spot, all with extremely strong teams, and all desperate to taste the sleaze of the xbox prem. These managers should not be taken lightly, sporting attacking talent suchas jovetic and Ibrahimovic, they could take apart any team given the opportunity. Now, think it'd be fairly easy to call division 1? Maybe, if not for:

The new blood wild cards, Gary176 and RoyalIrish. Already proved their competence in pre season which earned them a spot in the middle teir instead of the desperately pathetic Division 2. With next to no experience in playing these two wild card teams, no idea of their style, personel or tactics, they could well be the dark horses of the division, surely they will want to stamp their mark on the league and show people why they should be here.
So there you have it, a division where nothing is certain except for some amazing games go come, PEN has never been so unpredictable and exciting. With so much at stake, put on your game face and let season 8 begin.
Who's your money on for promotion to the slut fest, underworld of drugs, sex and filthy goals? who do you think will drop down to the clown division for face painting and pin the tail on the ozzy? leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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