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The Monster Departs, The Machine Arrives

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Since his arrival at the end of last season, Pepe has remained sceptical about his future. The world-class defender was sure he would land a contract at a high profile club, but found himself signing with the lowly Sevilla who had been demoted to the newly created Division 2.
This was shown in the first few fixtures of Season 8, Sevilla were beaten in their opening match 2-1 away and then in their first home fixture of the season, fell to an astounding 5-1 defeat. The newly appointed captain Pepe was absent from the matches for long periods and did not have the desired impact to lead the team. Tensions rose in post-match interviews, where Pepe had all but refused to comment by saying “Game  over”. The manager seemingly had enough and was immediately placed on the transfer list.
The ‘Monster’ defender was snatched up shortly by Spanish counterparts Athletic Club Bilbao. Ending the knife edge atmosphere at the club. Afterwards it was announced that Vice Captain, Diego Perotti would take the armband, and Bruno Soriano would replace him as VC.
The fans were quickly put to ease over the whole scenario when it was officially announced on the club’s site that Thomas Muller has signed a 5 year contract, securing his return to work under McGarry again. The World Cup winner was in high spirits leaving the club after the formality of signing the lucrative contract, rumoured to be worth at least Ⓟ15m per year. The Board Of Directors for the club assured the fans that the club would be in a stable financial position, despite the high expenditure, with a boost in revenue to be expected due to the new signing.
All in all, it’s set to be a very exciting season, as in only a very short period, Sevilla have offloaded 9 players: O. Vizcarrondo, A. Kacaniklic, R. Cabella, K. Gameiro, F. Cacciatore, W. Caballero, A. Fernandez, Pepe, Alex Sandro. And so far, only managed to bring in 3 replacements, V. Guaita, K. Fortounis and the ‘Machine’ Thomas Muller.
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