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Sunday, 22 November 2015 19:35

Fast times at Toulouse high

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A lot has happened since the last time we spoke most of the seniors have graduated to move on to new chapters of their lives. Ibrahimovic one of our newest students at our high school graduated and was accepted to Milkyjustice's campus of reem.

Milky upon hearing Zlatan's wages

Hummles, our foreign exchange student was proudly accepted to join Canadian Bacon University studying "what's it all aboot".

Mats has been candid in his reasons for leaving Toulouse high. He & manager Ozmazster had a difference of opinion when it came to tactics 

Turan, the little science whiz graduated and was accepted to Slicker Than Your Average Campus of Slags more commonly & globally reffered to as STYACOS (rolls off the tongue).

Arda wasn't too pleased that he was being sold by Toulouse & went on a mini rampage

Varane, our star athlete was accepted to Saint Flanagan that's me back iron Bru University.

New manager Flanny teaching from his favourite position @ Bru University 

Shaqiri received a scholarship to Timmufc School of Excellence & Speedhorerimusum.

Shaq has been told by Prof. Tim that he can sleep in on Tuesday mornings and for once miss the leg day seminars 

Fernando, our valedictorian was proudly accepted to Up The Peelers East End University.

We asked Fernando for an image or thought that express he thoughts & hopes of working with Gary176

We are all proud of our students and hope they take on the life lessons they have learned here at Toulouse high and make us proud in whatever field they choose to take their lives. They can always look back and remember the fast times at Toulouse high.
Bang bang swoop swoop

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