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Saturday, 28 November 2015 05:15

Bright Future For Wolfsburg

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“The future is bright, the future is orange” as the saying goes. This could not be more true for PEN side VfL Wolfsburg from the PS4 Prem. Under manager and director Big Boss they have assembled a group of highly talented young Dutch players, who are expected to become big stars. Today we take a closer look at three of these talents.
Jairo Riedewald, age 19, 3 caps
Defender Jairo Riedewald is a product of the famous Ajax Youth Academy. A versatile player, he made his debut at leftback, played sometimes as a defensive midfielder, but has now found his best postion as a central defender. The great promise shown in that position has already seen him called up to the National Team and earn himself 3 caps. 
One of Riedewald’s main strenghts is his quality on the ball, he is comfortable in posession both passing the ball around, short or long, aswell as dribbling into the midfield. He also has a good amount of pace and is pretty strong. His youthfulness and calmness on the ball does lead to him losing the ball on some occassions where that is not allowed. Something that will no doubt improve with more experience and maturity. Manmarking and aerial duels are other attributes that he will want to improve on. For his young age he is an excellent player though, so look for him to become a worldclass defender in a few years.
Anwar El-Ghazi, age 20, 2 caps
The tall winger of Morroccan heritage was developed at the well reknowned academy of Sparta Rotterdam before making a move to Ajax at age 17. After making his first team debut at the start of the 2014/2015 season his stock rose fast and 12 months later he was making his debut for the Dutch NT, which he chose to represent over the Morroccan one. 
El-Ghazi’s football idol is Cristiano Ronaldo and the similarities between the two are easy to spot. Both are tall wingers posessing excellent dribbling skills, who like to come inside and look for goalscoring opportunities. Neither is afraid to have a pop from longrange and El-Ghazi has already shown he can bang them in in similar fashion to Cristiano. They have also been deployed as central forwards at times, but have a clear preference for a role on the wings. 
To reach the dazzling hights of Ronaldo the young Wolfsburg player has a long way to go though. More consistency in his performances will be important for him to take the next step in his career. Aswell as keeping it simple at times instead of overplaying it and trying to do too much. At Wolfsburg Big Boss has had nothing but praise about the youngsters work ethic and sees a big future for him, so it only seems a matter of time untill he fulfills his potential.
Richedly Bazoer, age 19, 1 cap
The youngest player in the Wolfsburg squad and probably the one with the highest potential. Bazoer came up through the ranks of the PSV youth system, playing primarily as a central defender. When Ajax contacted him when he was 16 years old, and said they saw a midfielder in him he made the step over to the Ducth record champions as it had long been his own wish to become a midfielder too. After making his debut shortly after his 18th birthday he quickly became a regular starter and recently made his debut for Oranje.
Despite his young age he plays with some real maturity already, and often bosses the midfield with his physical precense. Bazoer has a real engine on him and can be found all over the pitch on both offense and defence. Aswell as the physical side he is also excellent technically with good ball control and dribbling combined with a good passing range. These qualities mean he is often compared to Paul Pogba a player Bazoer likes to image himself on. He loves having a crack at goal too, but hasnt scored too many goals yet, so that is an area he will want to improve on to become a real force as an attacking central midfielder. 
Although he could also grow to become more of a defensive midfielder down the line. One thing that is for sure though is Bazoer has all the qualities needed to become a worldclass player at one of the biggest clubs in the world, and Wolfsburg manager Big Boss is extremely happy to have him playing for him and watch him develop.
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