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GOTM Winner - November

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Seanachais took a chance when he spent big on injury prone Rossi. But that risk seems to have paid off as this months goal of the month winner proves his critics wrong!

Seanachais, the wage free wanker and his all star team have been destroying team after team so far this season, with players like Rossi, Gaitan, Aduriz, Insigne, Muniain, Moutinho and co in attack. With players of that calibure its no suprise that Sean was in with the chance of capturing the GOTM Crown. But what was surprising was just how good the winning goal would be. Coming from Rossi who has 86 finishing, 82 kcking power and 79 swerve, those are the kinda stats that make Gary Linekars pants all moist at that time of the month....What time?...GOTM time off course.

As you can see below Rossi is an attacker to be feared, these attributes alone clearly show why many believe Rossi was a bargain at 40m. Hes already made a good chunk of that money back with the gotm prize fund (14m)

Check below to see the the goal for yourself, all the above stats combine for an accurate, powerful shot which loops and swerves into the back of the net, for a sexy italiano goal.  Belissimooooooooo!!!!

And now lets hear from the manager who inspired Rossi to score such an audacious goal. The manager who finds his team sitting top of the PS4 Prem...Seanachais

The question on everyones lips after seeing that goal, literally.  Is Rossi a spaghetti or a macaroni man?

"Defo a macaroon bar kinda guy."

He must love the curly pasta thats for sure? Do you think this is a key ingredient to his amazing swerve?

"Hadn't thought of this, but it does make sense, as he loves a bit of curly pasta"

How does it feel to win this months GoTM?

"To win the sexy goal award for November on the sexiest Pes site around is a god feeling, especially as it was voted for by my peers."

Is it something you aim for in your play, or was this just a one off beauty?

"Yes we defo try to score sexy goals at Athletic,  its something we try to get across to the players. We learned our trade playing this way a long time ago, in a galaxy far far the xbox league."

And can we expect more GoTm contenders from you and Rossi, if not him who else can we expect to see strutting their stuff in the future?

"Insigne, Gaitan, Muniain and Moutinho are all capable of scoring exquisite goals but Giuseppe and Aduriz have wager for the clubs top scorer this season and it is motivating both of them. Aduriz has scored some quality acrobatics despite his dna saying he can't do it. Expect more? Expect the unexpected!"

Rossi has been held back by injuries but he looks to have put that behind him with his recent displays, capped off by winning the gotm, do u feel he can stay injury free all season and develop into an ultimate slagmaster to guide you to PEN glory?

"He's getting better by the game. Himself and Aduriz are a formidable partnership. They aren't the biggest names on Pen but there's not many who are as effective. Pen glory? Hmmmm, we nearly have enough points to stay up, thats our goal. Leave the title to Wolfsburg and Villareal"

Perhaps you aim to sell him now while hes the hot topic of the PEN world, or will you stay loyal?

"Hes on a long term contract. He signed for nearly 40million, the fans love him, his teamates love him and as this award proves the other managers love him"

How do you plan on spending your cash? Could you share any transfer gossip, come on now, give us an exclusive.

"Weve already spent some of it on Lucca, keep your eye on this lad, hes scripted off his nut. Gregmeister sold him for 1.5m, he just wants to be loved. The curious case of sami3lungs is selling Vierinha, we might be in for him although i imagine he has psychological problems after what that club has been through. Talk of Dybala joining is premature, but he would like to join a prem side i believe"

And finally, Italians known for style, hygiene and fresh smells but just who is the longest in the shower?

"Surprised you have to ask, of course its Rogerio Ceni, my experienced 42 yo keeper"

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today Sean and we look forward to seeing more GOTM contenders from your all star team in the future.  I guess we should set up this interview again for next month? Same time, same place? Be there or be square...This is JMK reporting back to the studio.

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