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Thursday, 31 December 2015 21:01

Sporting LisbOAP, PENS retirement home

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The climate and relaxing portugese culture is a great place to spend your final days, and its now becoming a tradition for the ageing footballer in the world of PEN to head over to lisbon for one last hurrah. Of course for 35 year old Duda that was a no brainer. Merely heading back home for his final swan song.

Last season it was Argentinian Dominguez who came over from Greece, now 34 years old his play has only improved since arriving at the club, just like Duda.  Others took note of this which had other ageing legends intrigued, wanting to find out if JMK7 and sporting could help lengthen their career at the highest level.

So, it was no surprise when the ultimate PES legend, the one and only Alavaro Recoba decided to see if jmk7 special snake oil could prolong his career.  Possibly the oldest player in PES? 39 years young, still got the skills to thrill, and though his minutes have been limited his super sub card guarantees he is still playing top quality football in the Portuguese sun.

We talked to Alvaro recently;

So Alvaro, what has made the difference in Lisboa and how has it helped you in your final years?

Of course I had seen how Duda had developed from a bench player into a star and Dominguez had also improved greatly (upgraded from 78 to an 80 rated AMF), all since playing under JMK7. I was a free agent and this seemed the ideal scenario for me. Its hard to say if its just the culture at the club and city, or JMK training methods, he's also a laid back guy which is great for us older pros who like to take things a little slower.

I see and would you recommend other Legends to come join you over her?

Well off course I already have, you see, now in last 2 weeks we brought in rosicky and Klose, and there will surely be more.

So Rosicky and Klose spoke to you before their moves?

For sure, we are facebook buddies, all us old pros, dont u know that? We have have secret fb group. I only had good things to say about jmk7 and sporting, its a perfect recipe for the older guys to sucseed

So you think this was vital in signing these players?

I wouldnt say vital, but for sure, it swayed the decision in our favour.

So, as seen here the old guys are just loving it in Lisbon and playing at the top of their game, and as Alvaro mentioned, the signing of JMK7s boyhood hero Rosicky at 35 years old is a major coup for the club and one of delight for the manager. To have one of his favourite players of all time under his control is what dreams are made of.

Then add to that, the world cups highest ever goal scorer and German legend, Klose at 37 years old making the average age of the squad now possibly the oldest in league, signed, to make a formidable though aging attacking force. Klose opting to head to Sporting to hopefully stay at the top of his game and in the Prem, rather than taking the easy big money move to MLS, the Arab countries or China. We think he made right move and at 15mil it seems a fair deal as we are sure JMK7 can get one more peak year out of him, everyone gonna be happy.

It will be interesting to see what happens this year with this legends all star team. BUT one does have to wonder about the future. Not many youngsters coming through, and cash is very tight at the club, so some changes will need to happen at some point, and sometime soon one would think!

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