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Roma MVP "Kondogbia

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Bought in the season 7 carnage day auctions last June for 46m PENce, a price that at the time seemed a little steep for a central midfielder. His arrival in Rome sparked drastic tactical changes not only to accommodate but to "get the best out of a world class player".

These changes didn't go smoothly at all, switching from an all out defence with 4 at the back to a front line pressure set up and 3 at the back saw Alexander Panderini's Roma flop dramatically in a 7 game losing streak which effectively ended their first season in the Xbox Prem.

Season 7 wasn't all doom and gloom however, they may have had the worst start possible but once the new tactics meshed, once the players began to believe in the new set up and once Kondogbia finally hit full speed, the Italians finished the season strong, only narrowly missing out on a second season in the prem. Kondogbia became a notorious bully to other managers in the xbox leagues. It became his job to collect and distribute, destroy and rebuild. He was the difference in many a game, turning the tide with his brute power, precision dribbling and immaculate passing range, The Roma fans loved him, the Roma players loved him and everybody else wanted him. The silver lining in a somewhat disappointing season.

Offers came in for 'the dog' on a weekly basis, a possible swap deal with in form Lukaku which ended in complete FIASCO being one of them, the highest offer being 60m PENce, the board put pressure on Panderini to accept such a substantial offer but the Roma boss dug in his heels. Reports came in that Panderini wanted to keep hold  of the Frenchman for one more season to help Roma reach the top flight once again. The board undoubtedly made the correct decision in allowing the Roma head coach to keep hold of his prize asset. Roma, currently just under half way through season 8 sit pretty at Christmas on top of the table, winning 10 of their 12 games and only losing once. Promotion seems only a stone throw away and to make the fans even more excited, Roma have landed an xbox cup quarter final slot against rivals Sao Paulo, which many see as a bye into the semis.

Kondogbia has been the main man all season, he stops attacks dead, charges the ball forward and has scored very important goals, none more so than the shock  brace in the first round of the cup to knock prem side River Plate out. The evidence is clear to see when big Geoff is rested for friendlies. The Italians look toothless and lightweight, they lack at the back and going forward. It's fair to say that Geoffrey Kondogbia is irreplaceable.

When asked if a 60m offer came in tomorrow for his prized midfielder, would he take it? Alexander Panderini replied, "Nah mate, man like Geoff ain't goin' nowhere, not for sale at no price at no time, if he goes, I go. I'd rather trade my merc for an aygo, rather sell my girl, she's a right whore, but she got a Frillypink jaw, she can suck for days but I don't give a f**k I just hope Geoffrey stays"
So there we have it, Roma's 2015 MVP, Kondogbia. I can hear them chains a' rattlin'

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