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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 20:06

Sevilla - In The Market

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The chairman of the club had received an e-mail from its Sugar Daddy, Davotek, which included details of extra funds being invested into the club, but with clear instruction it was for the purpose of bringing in new talented players, and not to pay off club debts, as had been the previous situation, where there was an opportunity for manager JmG to get involved in the market, but he was locked out due to the Board deciding funds should be better invested in the long term club costs, wages etc.

Details of extra income were:

Ⓟ5m for the departure of S. Gerrard, Erdinc and Helder Barbosa (The players were the cost of contractual issues and were unable to play and forced to move on, without the need for a transfer fee).

Ⓟ15.75m for media coverage, news articles and TV time.

Ⓟ15m for the predictions of Christmas 2015/New Year 2016 for Barclays Premier League

  • With no clear plan of which way the squad was going to improve, JmG had put some general enquiries out in the transfer market with no great success. But everything came into place after contacting Dortaboy, current Flamengo manager, over the negotiation of Lucas Moura coming to Sevilla. It was a story that the fans were very excited about, as the 23yr old Brazilian wonderkid is held in high regard by many in the world of football. This is a quick breakdown on his profile

As you can see, he is immense using the ball at his feet, which will suit Sevilla’s style of play, using deft touches and skills to beat opponents, also his raw pace and explosive power is even greater than his opposite number, Diego Perotti, and we know how dangerous he has been this season so far. Negotiations were fairly short, as both managers were to the point in what they wanted and expected, in the end, it was a Ⓟ43m offer that sealed the deal. Both sides being delighted with how it went.

JmG then had the idea of downgrading the goalkeeper, Pepe Reina, in order to bring the club’s wage bill down after the arrival of Moura. It wasn’t long before veteran manager DjSarge of Roda JC came in with a Ⓟ27m offer, and it was agreed on the spot, meanwhile, there was a short phone call to transfer legend Spragga, to enquire about Yann Sommer, which turned out to be one of the easiest discussions in PEN history, no more than 25 words were used to seal the deal at Ⓟ32m, a great price that worked out well after the recent departure of Reina.

Although, with the initial intention of downgrading, Sevilla now had to accept, that long-time fan favourite, Bruno Soriano would be leaving in the near future, negotiations at this point are still on-going, but a deal is expected to be struck very soon, with a value in the region of Ⓟ25m. Here is another breakdown of Yann Sommer, the Swiss international has been in remarkable form, although conceding 20 goals in 10 games, has helped former club River Plate take a 4pt lead over second place in the XBOX Premiership.

The fans were equally as happy to see a younger and better GK come into the club, they have been dreaming of the days that Ter Stegen made 7 clean sheets at the lowly club in the past, and Sommer looks to have the ability to bring those days back!

So, with two big name arrivals in Lucas Moura and Yann Sommer, and the departure of Pepe Reina, as well as the imminent departure of Bruno Soriano, the fans are both extremely happy, but also slightly saddened in the acceptance that the Fan’s Player Of The Year will be leaving in the near future. Though, the high-flying club, sitting 4th in the league table with 12 matches gone have made a massive statement of intent in buying these caliber of players, and only time will tell what effect they will have, but we’re sure it will be a great one, with an attacking line-up of Deigo Perotti, Thomas Muller and Lucas Moura, what could go wrong…

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