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Let the forehead be with you!!!

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We had the honour of catching up with the French outfit Toulouse's new signing Gervinho aka Yoda forehead at the after party for Toulouse's win over Hull City. 

Reporter Layla : "Welcome to Toulouse Gervinho, how are you settling in"

Gervinho: "Thank you Layla, may I say you look fine... real fine yeaaaa :sneaky1:  It's a pleasure and a honour to play for a club like Toulouse they have wonderful fans, an amazing atmosphere, top facilities and let's not forget some fine honeys like yourself hmm. And it helps when the club have a well respected gaffer as Toulouse does."

Layla: "Hahaha thanks for the complements, so I take it your a fan of the big gaffer?"

Gervinho: "You're welcome baby! Yeah I have spoken with the gaffer a couple times before I joined this club, he is a top man and very easy to get along with as well. At first I was overwhelmed by his height and thought to myswelf "wtf he really is 7ft tall... that's a manager that I would not like to p**s off". But after speaking to him a couple times along the years I grew to like the gaffer, he had some good philosophies and tactics for the clubs that he managed over the years and I was interested in joining his teams a couple of times but due to some breakdown in negotiations it wasn't ment to be. I spoke to a couple of my old teammates at Roma that played for the gaffer over the last couple years, Destro, Iturbe & current team mate Ibarbo. They all had nothing but glowing recommendations towards the gaffer and when the opportunity presented itself to join him here I jumped at the chance! Especially since I was at a weird backwards place called Leeds hahaha. My time at Leeds... I remember good times with the spud gun mafia but the city of Leeds was like a 3rd world hell... full of weird people."

Layla: "So how are you finding your new teammates?"

Gervinho: "It has been new and exciting, I couldn't ask for a better atmosphere then at this club and the fans are warm and welcoming towards me and my family. It has been great fun at the training ground getting to know all my new teammates. I'm quite lucky as I am not the only new face, there has been an influx of new players joining before me and we are all getting to know each other. It does help that my old friend Ibarbo aka the Hitman as you's call him here, is showing me the ropes. I have made a load of new friends here, both past and present players. Like the poster-boy Lac<a<Bugatti, Alessandrini, little Fekir, beast Bisevac, Pg tips, Umm G man, Mane & Zaza... the crazy fool hahaha."

Layla: "So I have noticed that you have already been given a nickname, who was it that gave you the name Yoda forehead?"

Gervinho: "Haha that would be young Willy Hughes, him Rabiot & Umtiti... the youngsters are always cracking jokes everywhere we go. They call pg ntep, pg tips. haha Zaza is Zaza binks... kids will be kids."

Layla: "How did it feel playing your first game in front of the crowd and getting your first point on the table with a assist?"

Gervinho: "I thought I could conrrol my first game butterflies but I was a bit nervous. I spoke to the gaffer and some of the senior players at the club which eased my nerves. With a lot of new players at the club it left a calm and composed atmosphere around the changing room which allowed us to play our fast paced free-flowing philosophy of football. And it does help when you have a bunch of world-class players that you can call teammates which makes life on and off the field that bit easier and more enjoyable."

Layla: "Finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the future at Toulouse?" 

Gervinho: "Of course it is to stay at this wonderful club for as long as the gaffer wants me here. To give my all on and off the pitch, put my body on the line and do what is needed of me for the greater good of the club. The most important thing the gaffer told me was to enjoy myself." 

Layla: "Well thanks for taking the time to speak to us today, I'll let you go enjoy the rest of the party with your teammates."

Gervinho: "It was a pleasure Layla, thank you for your time. Now allow me the honour of accompanying me to the V.I.P lounge and buy you a drink."

Layla: "Sure why not... one drink won't hurt." 

Gervinho & Layla where seen on the dance floor b'umping n grinding the night away. While Zaza binks chanted "Let the forehead be with you".

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