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What A Difference A Season Makes

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The manager of lazio, known as the argumentative one, is finding premiership football very tough this season. The fall from fame (2nd to the perennial winner bushlurker including smashing the same 4-0) to the relegation zone a third of the season in, has been a very humbling experience. 
Lazio are desperate to improve on a squad that has seemingly gone on the p**s and come back with a right Konami hang over. All of the defence losing stats and the huge drop of Barrios from an 81 to 74 has seen the largest change. Not only that but with a wage bill threatening to put the club into administration, key players Ciro Immobile and Ander Herrera had to be sold to find cash to allay the fears… 
The perils of management have taken their toll on the club, and they have tried to change fortunes with Herrera being swapped for Vela as more firepower was required... But alas, Vela has struggled to have the impact the manager would have liked, so in came Joaquin… and still its a struggle, but the team have indeed improved. A new powerful arrival in Caicedo has given a bit more team dynamic and allows Barrios to come on and have an impact even with his low stamina. 
Management isn’t easy… with 4m cash and a 30m+ wage bill… the manager is running it close to the wire and the next wage window could see Lazio finding themselves in admin…
Who gives a toss, were italian and we can bung a brown envelope to solve our problems 
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