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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 11:51

Can you take it on the chin?

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Cuz some apparently don't. Recent events in ProEvoNetwork league tested the guts of some managers, and sadly, some displayed a bad chin disposition. These led to either rage quitting or some serious c**t calling, in any case bringing up folk's characters to the test.

Now, one of many rules you need to adher to when participating in the league is to keep you Fixture Setup Logs (FSLs) up. to date. That basically means you need to inform your opponents about when you are available to play to keep the league going in a timely manner. Surely, it's not the only means of communication and arranging the games to be played, but it should be the primary one.

However, some folks clearly forget about that and when time came, well, it didn't really pay them off very well. Once in a while the league commisioner, Mr. Davotek peeks out of his coal pit deep in Wales and requests league admins to review the FSLs, especially of those managers who missed the most of games up to the given date. If your FSLs haven't been kept up to date or decently, at least, then you're screwed. And then the question arises: can you take it on the chin? ;)

The fines ranged from 5 to 15 million PENce and while some of the fined ones showed some real chin management, one didn't. Dudka, decent Israeli lad, judged this to be too much for his pretty face and got really pissed. He called the fine unfair and rage quit his league spot. Strangely enough, he wouldn't even go into admin. Corkdogg and Fun on the Foil would and what can I tell you...the force have been with their chin, they manned up and swallowed the consequences in manly manner!

Above is the piece of advice for Dudka. Man up dude, work on your chin and get back while you cool off.

But what happens if the faceslaps are returned? Shortly after the FSL fine turmoil settled down, PEN hit another emotional scene. The advice for everyone running a site like that goes along TNT's commercial "We know drama". Instead, just put "Venom" in it and there you go. 

Venom has been a long time member, who has quit at some point and returned just recently. Self proclaimed king of PES, Boca ultras and the guy famous for keeping Riquelme in his dungeon (well, not quite ;) ) held to a winning score in his league fixture against Rad Gravity, a Norwegian oil tycoon, by the means of 90th minute hack-down on an attacker being in the clear for goal. Rad's a decent lad, but his chin trembled and went numb from this slap, urging him to call some and then some on Venom. However, he halted himself in the right moment and as far as I know, he refrained from rage quitting, hats off for that.

Venom, for his turn, got quite a bunch of "encouraging" voices for his action from all around including DavoteK himself, and must have also looked closely on his chin in the mirror, as the next day he produced a neat letter of apology, to both Rad and the community. Matter seems to be ironed out by now, and one must admit that this was a good example of seasoned chins fight.

So, work on your chins, kids. You never know where the next face slap might come from...

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